Monday, December 15, 2008



<3 may all your dreams come true...
<3 all the best for you~~
<3 hope wat u wan u can get it!!
<3 bestie forever
<3 stay mature kays =)
<3 rock on..

freaking busy..

everyone do syas tat holiday is to relax.. but now things changes.. last time when i was a lil kid,i used to thought holiday is da bestest thing in my life.. yeah.. it does.. but rite now.. grown up.. holiday is my working time.. and im same wif elisa too.. alwiz fong fei kei.. well.. juz so sorry lar to SIAU YEAN,AMANDA & ELISA.. i broke my promise.. cos my mum man's power x cukup.. so i hav no choice.. and help her lor.. and guys. i oso have no time to go shopping.. now is 16 DEC d.. and all my clothes... is flying away as time passes.. so sum tong..

&today while working.. there's a group.. 2 girls 2 boys.. came and ate... tis customer says sumthg which embarassed herself and make me feel she so low levell.. she was.. how come they didnt give us soup spoon to drink the soup.. i really wanted to laugh at her but i didnt do it lar.. thn her fren told her we dun use spoon to drink.. its japanese sytle.. thn she pulak say sushi king got give leh.. her guy fren straightly say sushi king is different lar.. i was like hello.. are u trying to compare tis shop wif sushi king.. sushi king is more to modern sytle.. but tis shop is traditional.. aiks aiks aiks..

& finish work d.. bro gf bought my mum and bro burger from carls jr. i didnt ate da burger but i ate da french fries... my god.. tell u wat.. those who really know me i dun really eat french fries especially mc one cos i hate da smelll... makes me feel dizzy nor feeling like wanna throw out.. but tis carls jr. fries was total diff.. mayb cos da price oso very diff.. and there written naturally cut and so.. im loving it.. tis is my very first time fall in love wif this fries... super duper tasty...and they give us da chilli sauce.. combine together.. perfect!!

&im kinda looking forward for 2moro.. cos mich might be coming to my house and stay for one night.. and wed might be going to shopping.. hopefully she can come to my house lar..

tats all for today..

Thursday, December 4, 2008

hi guys.. do u miss me? it's been a long time i didn't post. well,as u know i'm busy working. i couldn't help it cos if i dun work. my mum gonna be unhappy and i'm gonna feel freaking bored staying at home facing my comp for 24 hours. and it's bad for my eyes too. seriously,i guess i'm gonna wear specs soon.. very soon. but my mum juz couldn.t accept tat i need to wear spec..
[me and mich]
last sunday,i told my mum tat i'll be going to my aunt house for 2 days. cos he husband got a god dinner which i attended every year. so this year i'm not gonna miss it. so i hav 2 days off. spend tis 2 days at my aunt house playing mahjong. i went to my aunt house at sunday night. and the dinner was at monday nite. seriously. i'd been sleeping 5/6/7 am everyday.. so last sunday i slept at 2. and i felt gosh.. it was so early.. i can't sleep. thn finally 2.30 i can sleep. but i only sleep for 1 and half hours. i woke up at 4am. and i lay on my couz bed and stay awake till 6am. and guess wat. i can't sleep and my couz and i went to the living room and watched tv. about 11 we decided to play mahjong. and it was fun. we play and play dunno till wat time.. we kept all those stuff and took bath. went to temple. the temple was enormous. at 5pm, we sat on da table.. wait wait wait. da card written 7.30 sharp.. but thn 8.30 only the dinner start.. i was freaking tired sleepy and hungry.. did u guys noticed monday there was a moon smiling. and the next dat i came out in the news paper. it says tat it will only appears 5 years once. so we was lucky. let me show u the picha.the other star on the right hand side coulnt see it in this picha. but it was really very special. everyone was taking picha. we reached home at around 12 am i guess. mich ken me took our bath and sleep.. very early..tuesday,woke up at 1pm. and play mahjong for 4 hours. and guess wat.. i lose around 10 to 15 bucks i guess. when we are going to end it.. i won 10 bucks and lose 6 bucks. aiks.. ups and downs. nite.. after dinner 7 pm i sleep.. was tired. thn 8pm woke up.. and time to go home.. home sweet home.. reached home at 3am. watched 10 PROMISES TO MY DOG. it was a heart touching movie. i really strongly recommend u guys to watch it. and ready a box of tissue beside u.. i cried.. i realy cried lot while wtaching tis movie.. especially when the dog was going to die.. my tears washed my face.. finally end up sleep at 7am.
well,tats all i wanna tell u guys. will be hanging out wif gie eng tis dec 16. farewell party for her. as she is going to singapore to study. less chances to see her. another gud fren leaving.. and in da same day,i'll be attending elisa burfday party too. elisa,i try my best to go to ur party earlier k.
loves yuki,