Wednesday, March 25, 2009

During hols.

friday,be4 skul hols. we had a farewell party for beatrice cos she is going to kinrara skul. so most possile friday is her last day. and i heard a lot of bad comments bout tis skul. and i really dun wan to let her go to tat skul. anyway,she actually came back after skul hols. a gud news~~ but anyway,after monthly test,she still need to go to tat stupid skul. and xavier is the saddest ba i guess.
picture time.elisa said he looks like maple game pigas a present to beatriceme and elisa fav~~ cheese tartthe couple cakesweet isnt it? they didnt know i took itand tis is da prefect shot.

to be continued..
paddington house of pancakes.
yum char wif matt and eric.


test end.

monthly test juz ended. and i feeling so gud rite now. test nor exam really drives me crazy. as i need to get gud result for my family.. and for sure i will get sumthing if i get a gud result. as my bro promised,if my results are gud. he will get me a elegant watch. which i craved for a long time ago. *winks*

reached home d. took bath and go to manda's house and chit-chat. had lots of fun. really enjoy my time wif you babe~~ we planned to cook sum stuff to eat. so we cook omelette. inside we hav spring onions,onions and dunno wat balls. but from ayamas de . while cutting onions,i nearly cried. cant stand @@ it actually turns out quite gud~~
picture time!!cook by me *peace*wif sum chili sauce *juz to make it tasty*finished.. very clean summore =pcute stuff her mum bought from japan. hearts it so much... >.< tis one dunno her bought from where.. oso very cute de~~chinese food~~ another cute sutff i hearts~~last,another cute stuff from japan. like sushi king..

and wat im gonna do next is sleep my day off. really didnt hav a chance to sleep nicely due to test. and gonna read breaking daswn. twilight last series~~

much loves,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

ytd watched the match between man utd and liverpool. im a man utd fan. and i am so not happy wif da result. liverpool 4-1 man utd. i hate da man utd goal keeper so much. he repeated the same mistakes twice... letting liverpool goal so easily for twice!!!! i really expected man utd to win.. ugh!!

i will start my revision either today or 2moro. i have one week to work everything out!! PMR tis year,but im still fooling around.. luckily i have mich to help me out wif da science and maths~ thanks mich =)

juz finish eclipse,i can say eclipse is quite bad compared to twilight and new moon. but rite now i need to pause reading till test end. though im enthusiam to read breaking dawn =) but im pretty sure i can control myself for 10 days~~

much loves,
yuki =)

Monday, March 9, 2009

my addiction

i have load of homeworks rite now~~
having a lil headache
finally,i finished my new moon. manda gonna hand me da eclipse 2moro. and im looking forward to it~~ and as my dad promised tat he will buy twilight new moon eclipse and breaking dawn for me. im gonna make it my very first book collection.. gonna wrap it keep it hug it kiss it~~ lols. and i heard twilight dvd is going to release tis march 21. wanna buy it~~

ytd,i watched twilight deleted scene. sum sweet scene was deleted. it get on my nerve.. urgh!! hopefully dvd they delete it~~

and new moon changed their release date again. it will be released on 21th november.. long way to go.. sorry lar guys. been talking so much bout these book~~ but juz addicted..

tats all for today
much loves,
yuki =)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

had fun~~

yay. finally 2 more chapters to go then i can continue read eclipse d.eclipse next please. lols. though i knew my monthly test is coming and im not doing any revision but juz cant help it. too addicted to it. i might spend sum time revision if i could stop addicting the book for a while~~

at noon,matt and eric came to elisa house and fetch us to pappa kopitiam and yum cha. it was a last minute plan. due to eric is going to ns and matt is going to fly to aus.. we spend about 2 hours hanging out. we actually have fun on crapping?? and saying sumthg dirty.. lols.

i'll be uploading da picha l8r. kinda lazy to transfer~~

much loves,

Friday, March 6, 2009

happy old day~~

Happy 15th Birthday Jabyss!
may u hav a very happy birthday~~

oh well,today rushed to get tis bd boy present. 7 of us(me,stephanie,xavier,beatrice,kai sin,pei yin,kemmy) actually gave him a very surprise present..tat u guys couldnt guess wat it is x) teehee~~
i guess he love it~~ well,if he does,we're happy.

ytd had my injection. today i guess da medicine start to flow around my body. today morning,when i woke up,i had a very terrible headache and my hand was very pain. even a light touch on it,hurt!! well,juz a injection bring us down. wth!!

reached skul,asked stephanie for panadol. couldnt stand the pain. she had fever and i had a terrible headache. since im taking the medicine,so she oso follow me. lols. but i was lucky enough. cos most of my fren had fever.

ok. today sumthg odd happened. when i reached skul,i did not wear my tie. so prefect caught me and asked me to wear it. and followed by elisa. out of sudden,a guy prefect talk to me and said "i oso dunno catch u de. who ask u so lazy".. i was blank tat time. haha. then i asked him to help me wif my text book. kinda paiseh.. but he helped me and elisa oso. ok, when im done wif my tie. so do elisa,he handed me my and her textbook. he talk to elisa cos he saw the theory book. music huh.. piano or guitar. i was like errr... lols. elisa was shocked. so do i. lools.

im still reading new moon. trying to finish it~~
much lovees,