Friday, August 29, 2008


ytd and today oso i make spagz.
juz finish eating spagz thn on9 d.
ytd de spagz tat i made is nicer.
today de consider nice lar but thn if compare to ytd,
ytd is da best~~.
dun say i perasan lar.
ytd so many ppl praise my spagz nice.
especially manda,beatrice,elisa,kai sin,pei yin,yee jing,siau yean and sin jo.
im so happy.
today after tuition i went to kopitiam eat chic rice.
after tat.
return home at 1
thn while waiting for elisa to come my house.
i prepare first.
carrot,cili sauce,mushroom,garlic,spagz sauce,basil and oregano leave,chicken,bowl and bla bla.
i guess i used 1 hour to cut and cook.
here is da pic.
elisa de spagz. nice leh?? i put de cheese and decorate it de leh~~ perasan~~
tis is my spagz. small size de. lols =="
another one small size spagz~~

tats all for today.
gtg go work jor T.T
:) :] =) ;) x) ;] x]
hope u enjoy reading and looking at it.

happy yuki :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


such a bad day.
get scolded for ntg.
today da ham ham ask me siau yean kemmy and charmaine go find her.
thn we go find lor.
thn she ask us bout da class thingy.
she ask u to try to go in to da teacher shoe and see how da teacher feel.
thn i told her dat da pun pun is going against us.
not only 4 of us but all da moral students.
thn she is as she know
all da teachers are very professional.
professional ur head lar in my heart.
1 % or 2%
0.01% professional oso dun hav lar.
she dun feel shy de wor when she say tat word.
thn she say teacher wont do those thing de.
she say herself oso didnt do tat.
thn suan.
she say we keep on talking in class.
in heart i was like aiyoyo.
we are human being ok.
human arent perfect de leh.
u dun tell me u can dun talk for one day.
if u can i gen ni de sing ar...
thn kemmy say even those students sitting beside her oso cant hear wat she say wif siau yean.
come on lar.
da pun pun sit till so far.
when she saw our mouth move only then she say us talking.
make sense or not ar??
after kemmy say tat
da ham ham say "and i dun like ur hairdo"
tis ham ham say de thing all oso helping tis pun pun de.
we oso speechless jor lor.
let u say all lor. since u so pro
ghost is us. in cantonese
not ghost oso is us. in cantonese
dam bu shuang tis fatty ham ham jor lor.
tat time i oso dun wanna say anything jor.
she say till like tat d.
wat more can we say.
thn i straightly tell kemmy they all to shut up in class.
dun talk anything.
if not we kena again de lar.
we all as a student ar cant complain de u know.
no matter wat oso is our wrong de.
da ham ham tell us gonna seperate us.
today i learn bout melindungi hak pengguna.
da pun pun gib example like cantene food no gud she say can complain to da teacher.
thiru was looking at me
thn i say we cannot complain de ar.
l8r we get scolded again de.
ma de.
so dam bu shung liao lor
after finish moral i starightly walk out of da stupid smelly class...==
after a while in class
i ok d.
not really angry d.
thn kah ming come and tell me tat juz now at bilik guru he go and find pn jespall.
thn pn jespall tell him dat gonna take action on me
or can say gonna pecat me.
pn jespall say juz now da ham ham come and complain me and say i pok chui(guess like tis spell gua)
my god.
since when i pok chui o.
i ask siau yean she say dun hav kemmy oso say dun hav
she really sheng lai de lor.
lai ham ham ar. zzzzz
so i decided to letak jawatan.
i wont blame pn jespall do tis decision.
cos i know she very hard to do oso.
da ham ham pangkat so high
chuan lar u ham ham.
im blessed dat im form 2.
if im form 1
needa see da ham ham face one year.
if i continue see her face ar.
i will naik gila one day.
guess tats all for today.
dun wanna talk bout tis anymore.
make me more geram only.

Monday, August 25, 2008


now everyday im praying for see shi.
she called me ytd and she told me tat she is suffering being in her family.
many prob happened to her.
after hear wat she say i really feel so bad and wanted to cry.
i was wondering if see shi die d.
thn my tears terus come out d.
and when i tell my mum wat happen to her.
thn i oso wanna cry.
see shi. im so sorry after hearing tat.
hope everyday i help u pray will hav result
hope u and ur mum will communicate more.
i will support u alwiz.
and today i suddenly think u say u might gonna change skul.
i wanna cry.
i dun wanna be apart wif u
u are my bestest besite i ever hav.
i wish all da best for u.

loving u,

Saturday, August 23, 2008

celebrate bd wif kemmy~~

ytd celebrate bd wif kemmy at mid valley.
have lots of fun.
we ate japanese food^^ at kiku zakura.
we sat in a vip room or can say tatami room.
we took lots of pic.
after we finish eat thn we went to shopping.
i took kemmy to dragonfly and peirce her ear.
my god.
she was so claim.
im da one who is shooting when da girl help kemmy pierce da ear.
i can feel da pain man.
thn dun hav those icy spray leh.
cant imagine it.
ok after piercing...
see shi and me bought a necklace.
can say a frenship necklace gua cos same de.
thn we bought a scaft oso.
but thn not same de lar.
thn we ate baskin robbin.
me and see shi try cotton candy.
da colour of tis ice cream is pink and purple.
not only da colour nice
when u eat it.
it melt in ur mouth then u can feel like u really eating cotton candy de feel de lor.
and got sum bubble gum taste oso.
tat time gonne be 4.30 d.
and we are rushing for movie jor.
you dun mess with da ZOHAN.
tis movie quite nice leh.
is like making peace to tis world.
ask us to stop da war.
thn got mariah carey in tis show summore.
after finish watching.
7 pm d.
see shi and kemmy go bak.
and me go bak work.
tats all for today.
~~if u wanna see kemmy's bd pic u can go to ~~

Friday, August 22, 2008


im so happy now.
i guess at last da war end.
i juz finish reading jabyss blog.
and he apologize to me~~
sumtimes i feel like im those ppl who is say tis but do tat.
i alwiz say i dun care anything anymore.
wat jabyss do is none of my business anymore.
but thn.
i read his blog when im free nor boring??ntg to do!
and i wanna say im sorry too~~
cos i pinched ur face so hard.
and if i did sumthg wrong.
i apologize to u ok???
juz cant describe how happy i feel now.
i feel like i shuld sms him to say sorry oso geh.
but thn i dunno whether i shuld do or not leh???
now da only thing i scare is though we apologize to each other d
but thn i scare we wont be like last time anymore so close and everything.
hope evreything willt urn out gud for me and u~~

hoping hoping hoping~~

Thursday, August 14, 2008

lastest updates

hey guys.
i guess 4 days i didnt post jor
kinda bz and lazy.
ntg much to say oso.
last few days.
my god.
im juz so so frustrated wif one guy or mayb 2 guys???
i hate guys being so fan de lor.
come on lar.
u are a boy man.
can u hav a boy attitude??
i hate boy which is very fan de lor.
if i dun wanna pick up ur phone nor reply ur msg.
obviously i dun wanna talk nor anything wif u.
and dun try to judge me if u dunno me.
i bet u're wrong.
and who are u to judge me huh??zzz
" judge me,and i'll prove u wrong. tell me wta to do,i'll tell u off. say im not worth it & watch where i end up. call me a bitch and i'll show u one. call me crazy,but u really hav no idea."
i love it.
i was so powerful man these sentences.
get it from
u can go and check it up too.
now i guess ntg jor.
wif see shi and chee yang help.
i guess he(jimmy) wont be so fan jor.
da jeffrey.
next gonna be u get scolded by see shi if u dare kacau me again.
wat for u so kepo wanna be middle person.
u very gud meh.
u oso anothe guy who irritates me.
to both of u.
i dun like mean dun like.
dun force me or u'll know wats gonna happen to u next.
so wat if i dun pick up ur call now reply my msg.
and say im a fooler,sombong idiot.
who are u to judge me o??
i dunno wat see shi sms u juz now.
but thn dun ever try to judge me or her.
i bet u are wrong k??
so stop everything.
dun make me scold u personally wihout my frens help.
dun force me to do tat.
im being very pateint d.
dun try to test me.
today kinda happy oso.
cos valerie jie finally reply my comment
she is da bestest jie for me!!!
she is my very first jie ~~
and she and me is da big fans of lee hom too.
now she is kinda bz.
cos PMR is coming soon.
guess so gua.
all da best for her.
aim all A's ya jie.
she promise to me after pmr she will alwiz chat wif me
im so happy.
i can get over wif her very well de leh last time.
but now i hope ntg chnage.
i hope we still can get over.
or mayb better thn last time oso more gud~~
mua is so happy now.
juz now chat wif her a while only.
thn she gtg jor.
i guess she on9 very long time ago jor.
regret didnt on9 esrlier.
all i gotta say is all da best ya jia.
hope u will get all a.

best wishes from muii.
love muii.

happy de yuki.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


ntg much to say.
but thn now i dunno why im alwiz so hot-tempered.
i feel like everything is not gud to me.
i hate ppl who broke da promise.
if u cant do it for me.
thn dun promise me ok.
sumtimes i feel so frustrated of everything.
so sick and so tired.
now i feel my bestest and da only treat me 100% care me is see shi and beatrice and siau yean only lor.
and kemmy really can make me smile.
juz now i chat wif her on da phone.
i really laugh a lot. x)
im so thankful to have u as my didi.
others all i oso dunno wats going on.
one of my bestie irritates me summore
i dunno why she is so irritating.
make me feel so sick sumtimes.
sumtimes really feel like wanna be alone.
but i know i cant.
im not those ppl who can be alone.
even one minutes oso i can die.
life is full of ups and downs.
sumtimes i feel like no one understand me at all.
besides see shi siau yean and beatrice.
3 of thm i can say best of da best.
i love u guys.
u guys really understand me so well.
thank you so much
everything changes for me NOW.
i dunno why everything changes.
i really dun wan to.
pls dun change....
im still rushing for my geo folio.
deadline 15/8

still rushing.
everything change

Friday, August 8, 2008

keep on coming back.

i couldnt forget everything.
it juz like keep on coming back.
i thought i can forget it.
i thought its ok if we didnt become fren nor bro and sis.
i thought i can live without it.
i thought all of tat.
but i juz couldnt forget it.
i dunno why we can become like tis.
Jabyss,im so sorry tat pinched u so hard.
im so sorry.
first,i really thought tat its ok i lost u as my fren nor bro cos u hate us.
and think we care for u juz wan benefits
u are wrong.
totally wr0ng.
wat benefits we can get from u??
i really do wanna end tis war asap.
but thn i couldnt talk wif u
everytime i see u.
feel like wanna talk to u.
so do yau men i guess.
but thn im juz not brave enough.
i dunno why oso. TT
i can only forget tis thingy when i was having fun(really very fun)
but thn after having fun.
automaticly da thingy come back.
my god.
i dunno wat to do...
can u show me how to walk tis long and crazy journey??
im having a warmest family last time at skul.
but thn now i feel da coldest family.
i used to hav a funny cheerful bro.
but now...
it was juz like i close my eyes for awhile.
when i open it back.
everything changed.
change to sumthg terrible.
i wished tat i never pinched u.
im so regret!!!
but i really didnt know i pniched u so hard.
i really dunno.
im juz so sorry for tat.
i felt sorry too.
tat time saw ur blog.
u say we care for u so much is wan sumthg. is all FAKE.
tats really hurt.
really really do hurt.
i dun wan to continue tis war anymore.
it juz so hurting man.
it juz making me feel so bad.
losing a bro like u really make me feel so bad.
juz like wat elisa say.
the warmest bro i ever met.
now i really dunno wta to do anymore.
see shi ask me to let it be.
i really wanna let it be.
let god help me make da decision.
"im still trying rite now" >.<
trying to let it be....let it be....
juz back from skul.
today hari koku oso not nice geh.
felt so boring
da senaman robik oso not nice geh.
those ppl oso not active de.
didnt hav much fun.
lats last sat was so fun
da senaman robik.
i guess everyone enjoys it so much.
but thn today like very shy only.
i oso dunno shy wat.
though today we cant really see da teacher doing wat.
but thn i agak agak lar.
i was shaking my ass.
thn me and beatrice was so funny.
hitting da ass.
kinda fun to me. =)
today ntg much lar.
tats all for today.
needa go work later.

still trying^^


today is 8.8.08
juz finish watching olympic.
da ceremony was so so awesome.
im so impressed by china or beijing ar??
da countdown there my god.
was so awesome man.
da 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
those ppl who hit da drum ar??
my god.
how come all oso hit at da same time de ar.
they say there use more thn 1 year to practice leh.
everything was juz so awesome lar.
thn got one part those ppl dancing while drawing.
my god.
so nice leh.
and thn one part is da box thingy.
the make those chinese word de.
inside da box is ppl leh.
i cant believe it....TT
im so impressed
i wish tat time i at beijing and inside da stadium there.
so nice.
my dad so got andy lau go there.
but thn i wait and wait.
andy lau oso didnt go.
thn da athelete oso very gud leh.
he act he is running thn
fire thingy looks like a ice cream.
but thn i really like da ice cream cone.
really very nice.
those fireworks oso very nice leh >.<
i wished i were there >.<.
tats all for today.
ntg much to say.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


check it out!!!

ntg much to say today x)
but thn i wanna post a song lyrics.
if we fall in love ^^
nice song^^ x)
check out my latest music.
down there x)
If We Fall In Love Lyrics
There will be no ordinary days for you
‘cause there is someone that cares like i do
You will have no reason to be sad anymore
I am always ready with a smile
With just one glimpse of you

You don’t have to search no more
‘cause i am someone who will love you for sure

So if we fall in love maybe we’ll sing this song as one
If we fall in love we can write a better song than this
If we fall in love we will have that melody in our head
If we fall in love anywhere with you would be a better place

You can watch that movie in a different light
I will be right there beside you hugging you oh so tight (oh so tight)
How can love feels so cold and empty again
And i will keep on holding on and won’t let go (and won’t let go)

[repeat refrain and chorus]

Feel so good when you’re around
One smile from you (one smile from you) and i just feel so bright

[repeat chorus]

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

scare scareTT

ntg much to say today.
now i so fan.
dunno wanna sing or not leh??
my jia ying and real ying oso dunno how to say jor lar.
dunno wanna sing or not.
scare later paiseh only when on stage.
yuki yuki.
why u like tis de ar??????
help me...
jesus and liong liong....
give me a way to figure it out.
i dunno wat to do jor.
feel so fan and feel my voice very horrible and vegetable.....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

singing song.

lets continue my story.
juz forget bout those stupid story down there.
dun wanna talk bout tat anymore.
wasting my time only.
tis sat i,elisa,siau yean,michelle,yau men,sin jo and beatrice mayb will sing song.
da name of da song is ni men shi wo de xing guang.
excited or happy or scare scare.
no idea??
cant described my feeling rite now.
first first i think my voice is very horrible de.
but thn i luv singing oso.
thn elisa ask me to sing so do beatrice.
and yau men told me to believe in urself.
thanks for 3 of thm. muacks muacks
so i decided to sing.
though i dunno whether our group will win or not but thn at least u tired ur best and i own da experience.
tats enough oso.
but da best is we win lor for sure.
so thn next next sat we gonna perform again.
semi final i guess.
so excited.
now i juz really very worried bout my darling see shi.
dunno wat will happen wif her and her bf??
juz worring.
she juz break up wif her bf.
thn now i dunno how.
today her bf keep on ask me wat to do cos his mom like know both of thm together d.
thn ytd i chit chat wif her till half thn she say call me later.
thn after tat didnt call but sms me and ask me to sleep early.
da hp no money jor
thn ask me let it be only.
cos i told her my sum si and she oso told me her sum si.
thn she say see me 2moro.
but thn today she suddenly didnt come to skul pulak.
i oso dunno whats on wif her???
hopefully she couple back wif her bf d lar.
i alwiz hope both of thm will last forever
cos her bf really very sayang her de lor.
but thn both of thm break for many times cos of sumthg thn ask to break
i dun hope tat tis time is real de lor.
if its real.
she is gonna be very sad
so do her bf
and me ar.
i so sad lar.
my fren so sing ku leh.
dun wanna see my darling cry TT
wan her to live her life happily for now and alwiz.
now i think back last time when i standard 6 juz know her oso very funny.
last time i juz pindah rumah to pbp.
thn go to tis new skul.
first 3 days of skul i cried whn i be4 i sleep
cos i hate being alone
or mayb can say CANT even be alone.
thn tat time new environment.
dunno anyone oso beside cheryl lee.
thn slowly i know stephanie tan,prasanna,gie eng thn siau yean thn see shi.
last time 5 of thm hate me.
bu thn slowly become we all dislike her.
cos tat time we think her very gatal.
but thn now i see me and her punya relationship oso very funny.
now become so so so so so gud fren.
never regret for making u my bestie.
i lub u so much see shi.
we been through many thing when we are standard 6
i dun wish to see u sad
hope u will ur prince one day.
lets talk bout today me in skul. ^^
today i go skul got headache
very tirrible de headache sumore.
feel like wanna vomit but thn cant vomit pulak.
juz feel so sing ku tat time
thn recess time i ate my burger thn eat panadol
thn on duty tat time manda help me massage my head
feel better
thn moral tat time
i like very high.
da headache not totally gone lar.
but thn i feeel so much better and HIGH.
i speaking tamil leh.
i talk to a indian guy.
he oso not playful de.
i talk wif him saperia thn he speak in tamil dunno he say wat to my fren.
thn i say ketewen and made.
thn he dunno say wat again
thn i say to my fren mutal.
totally keysiao jor.
today siau yean oso very care for me
i lub her very much too.
i today headache.
she ask me whether i wanna go back home or not.
ask me whether i ok or not.
so do yau men oso.
he can become a doctor.
he know how i feel tat time.
i cant express how i feel tat time.
da only thing i know is i wanna vomit but cannot come out.
tats all i know.
both of u are really a gud bro and sis.
tats all i guess for today.
very long d lor.
guess u all read oso da eye pain pain de lor.

care for sumone is sumtimes really useless.

now i think tat sumtimes u care for sumone so much.
but thn u end up wif ntg.
they dun care
tats ok if they dun care.
but thn da most hurt thing is ppl care for u and u say all those thingy is FAKE??
my god.
i cant believe sumone will say tat.
tis is so hurting man.
i guess mayb from now on.
i wont care bout anything anymore
i juz care for family,my skul family,and bestie.
tats all.
others all i wont care anymore.
those ppl are so ye man. or mayb can say mean or mayb no HEART??
oh yea.
even we dun know u well
but at least we tired.
so wat is we dun know u well??
now im regreting for trying to understand u.
tats all bullshit man.
not every ppl live wif lies.
u dun tell me u never lie be4 ok??
FRIENDSHIP for me is gonna stay forever if u appreciate it.
but if sumone cares and love u(not tat couple punya love lar)
but u didnt even know tat and u dun even wanna care or know....==
i'll say tis to u.
u can never feel the love and care from ur fren nor ppl around u beside ur family.
but thn tats ur business.
not mine or others oso.
and if u choose to walk tat way.
i'll let u walk. GO AHEAD zzz
if u think i ever did sumthg tat disrespect u or play wif u when u're serious and anything (bla bla bla)
im so sorry.
cos now i really know tat i REALLY DUN KNOW U WELL AT ALL. not even 1percent
and now I DUN EVEN WANNA KNOW oso. im not interested anymore.
and so.
ppl who are reading tis.
if u are like me.
thn im gonna ask u to wake up.
dun be so naive like me anymore.
dun treat ppl so gud.
they might think u wan benefits from them.
and mayb the might think tat u arent important to them at all.
and mayb they will hate u oso.
not asking u to dun treat every ppl nice.
juz care 4 sum ppl which u think really worth for u to care.
so wake up.
dun hurt urself.
now think back oso i really wanna laugh.
and i oso find out tat happy times flies so fast.
anyway,thanks for da memories.
really appreciate it.
now my heart really feel so pain.
is like breaking into pieces.
and i dunno why it can end up like tis.
mayb god wan it like tat cos mayb it'll be better for me??
everything is destined.
if tis frenship really belongs to u.
it will alwiz belongs to u.
i really dunno why tis could happen to me??
mayb tis frenship really dun belongs to me.
sumtimes really feel so dulan. so sick. tired of it.
and couldnt find a way to get out from tis prob at all.
but now i finally got da answer.
and i think xavier got tat too.
tis world i sumtimes felt very small sumtimes felt very big.
being a human is really arent easy at all.
now i really sum tam jor.
regreting for being so naive.
i really wanna stop being so naive...
dunno im naive or mayb juz too dumb jor??
luckily i still got siau yean,see shi,elisa,amanda,xavier,beatrice and sum others fren(normal de)
though u guys arent my bestie.
but now overall i can see u guys are really a gud fren
like chee yang,kah ming(tis guy even though alwiz ejek me but thn stilla gud guy),kemmy and others.
thanks so much for being my fren
appreciate u guys so much.
tats all for today i guess.
wanna go eat dinner now.
i guess i gonna post again later.

Monday, August 4, 2008

new song!!!

hey guys.
i changed my bloggie song.
check tis new song!!
kinda nice oso
Whatever It Takes

A strangled smile fell from your face
It kills me that I hurt you this way
The worst part is that I didn't even know
Now there's a million reasons for you to go
But if you can find a reason to stay

I'll do whatever it takes
To turn this around
I know what's at stake
I know that I've let you down
And if you give me a chance
Believe that I can change
I'll keep us together whatever it takes

She said "If we're gonna make this work
You gotta let me inside even though it hurts
Don't hide the broken parts that I need to see"
She said "Like it or not it's the way it's gotta be
You gotta love yourself if you can ever love me"

I'll do whatever it takes
To turn this around
I know what's at stake
I know that I've let you down
And if you give me a chance
And give me a break
I'll keep us together, I know you deserve much better

But remember the time I told you the way that I felt
That I'd be lost without you and never find myself
Let's hold onto each other above everything else
Start over, start over

I'll do whatever it takes
To turn this around
I know what's at stake
I know I've let you down
And if you give me a chance
and believe that I can change
I'll keep us together whatever it takes

fan and boring and happy

hey guys.
kinda long time didnt post jor.
i think 3 days jor.
weekend kinda busy so didnt post.
busy wif working
oh god.
now my leg is freaking tired.
2 days keep on standing nia.
cant sit
now my leg muscle oso become big d TT
my leg ar....
ytd i bought a tl girl slipper.
finally i get a slipper.
its been a long time d i wan a slipper.
so happy.
thn ytd when to PDI to pick up my jacket
finally get da XL size.
thanks to my mum.
Mummy,thank you so much ^^
thn get 20 bucks as salary for 2 days
i got money to go shoppping lur.
today siau yean didnt come.
thought tat i will sit alone.
but thn luckily charmaine sit wif me
if not.
im gonna be very boring jor de lor.
today maths luckily i can catch up.
if not.
i dunno end year exam how oso!!!
now sumtimes feel very fan
sumtimes feel very happy.
life really is ups and downs
thn now my family(skul de) oso dunno how.
sumtimes i feel like WHATEVER!!!
sumtimes like aiyo...wat shuld i do??
really dam fan.
juz finish talking wif see shi.
juz like wat she say.
let it go easy or let it be ba....
tats all for today.