Friday, January 29, 2010


LEO is having sumthg special for VALENTINE'S PEEPS. do suport ya =)
went to ioi to do sum survey.. unfortunately all the mug and bear are quite expensive.. was really kinda disappointed cos i thought tat i could bring sumthg back. but i enjoy my day.. though got ditched by my babes luckily there's jay hin and their gang. im safe. lols. they taught me how to play pool. was kinda fun. there will be second time.hehe =) surprisingly, i met ivan and others. was excited. lols.

am not in a mood to do homework.. keep it away please. currently updating my facebook?? will update as many as possible..

ciao peeps.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

it's not a honeymoon year

every teacher tat enter my class would say the same thing. form 4 is not a honeymoon year. and it's true. i have loads of things to do. im not so used to wake up early.. during hols i alwiz sleep at 4 or 5. but now u wan me to wake up at 6. tis 3 days im really tired. though i slept early but still i felt sleepy in class. there's so many thing i have to get used to it. waking up early. make myself comfortable in class. new subject. new papers. new classmates. awww... mannnn!!!! ridiculous.

seriously, i really miss u guys.. my F classmates..

signing off now, ciao


Monday, January 4, 2010

dead and back

ok.. finally yuki chin is back in town.. i know i know im gone for so long. yea is all cos of my comp broke down. and guess wat?? it heals itself. wat a miracle. mayb there's virus inside my comp..

back to skul now.. not really used to it.. well im older now. sweet 16th tis year. how fast it is.. juz like a blink of eye.. i entered pure science class. the second one. im feeling uneasy as im seperating wif my fitrah's family. the B class are not like a family. is more to u hav ur gang i hav my gang.. sigh.. i miss my classmates.. and the first day of skul, grammar homework. ==

erm im gonna post my malacca trip pic for u guys. it's like a trip after all the good work.

okies. i signing off now

yuki xoxo