Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a family to me =)

aloha~~~ today stay back for leo last day packaging.. all the mugs will delivery 2moro.. i had lot of fun. i actually gone wild today.. im on drug haha... shhhh. i took 2 sticks walk around da class hitting poeple ass.. jumping shoutuing juz everything crazy will do.. sum people were shocked. oh well.. u guess juz know me.. so its not weird at all.. this is not my first time being hyper like today.. im not the only one who is on drug.. jia fei and wen jian are on drug too. they suddenly wanna chnage their sex.. they make themselves like a girl. ribbon on hair, hair clip, rubber.. and dunno how.. they become the star.. everyone try to get a pic of them..

leo for tis year is really fun.. at least better than last year.. i suppose.. last year there wasnt much commitment.. but this year i can see all the leo members who stay back.. who volunteers themselves.. they are really commited.. am really glad bout it.. i really wanna make leo a better club.. after today.. i shall call them as my family.. today everyone shout scold play and do everyhting juz like a family.. im grateful as well.. jono as our president is really good. he is a cheerful funny guy.. everyone thought he is very strictly.. ahaha.. in meeting only lar. leo is driving me crazy~~ it's really fun...

p.s i know sumone think tis is a lame post.. err. no doubt.. im juz too commited ba.. cos i really had lot of fun.. paiseh ya!! hope u will understand me =)

with love,
yuki =)

Monday, February 8, 2010

muffins and leo valentine's mug

last wed, went to elisa house for baking. specially for adrian and gan bd. we decided to bake 2 diff flavour. strawberry and choc. we actually had lot of fun doing it. we used more than 2 hours to bake, pack and everything... though it used half of my day.. but it worth it.. after hearing the 2 bd guy said it delicious.. haha. im HAPPY dude!!~~~
ok talk less.. here's the picture..ingredients - egg, self-raising flour, baking powder, sugar, butter (choc chip *optional)
ready to the ovenso fluffy
fluffy to flatstrawberry muffins (ingredients - self-raising flour, butter, sugar, baking powder, egg, fresh strawberry)wif fresh strawberry toppingtis is cute~~delicious strawberry fillings~~ lalala
LEO Valentine's Special mugshearts~i love you~custom design~ custom design~ happy bdcustom design~ piggy
these are the mugs we are selling.. it was successful.. and im happy bout it.. but we have lot of stuff to do.. my timetable become even more packed. rite now.. i must stay back after skul at least 3 hours.. it was quite tiring.. but i enjoy it~~ being wif leo is great.. they are friendly.. seriously i met many new friends.. am loving it.. hope to do more project wif u guys...

With Love,