Thursday, January 13, 2011

German Star!

there's a lastest creature called HEIDI! a cross-eyed opossum... =)

so CUTE check it out people!

how innocent the eyes is!


* i bet u can hardly see my wif make-up.. here a lil make-up around the eyes!

Konnichiwa~~ hey... i'm trying my best to update as frequent as possible.. Form 5 life is really not that easy.. like what i thought it would be =( hmm.. what i wanna talk a bout today? let's see. my school had streamed our classes. and so all of our frens were all like separated! like east one west one. ughhh! dam freaking HATE IT! especially my class lor.! it used to be a very noisy and fun class. but now, i kinda feel weird to the quietness lor.. like u can even hear the bee buzzing... buzzzzzz! haha not that worse but still our class is best known for the BISING CLASS. now that's why we called 4 Bijaksana / 4 Bising!

but now ok oso lar. we still have 3/4 of our gang in the class. boleh tahan gua.... and i believe some of them were already influenced by us! hahahahaha! *evil grins* nahh we are just spreading the virus we used to do. peace out!

talking bout form 5. i think it's a best decision to stream the class oso. with tis, we can pay more attention in our studies. come on! FORM 5 is the worse year ever for ya to play like a fool!!

today out of sudden, one of the teachers just came up wif the incident about 4B last year. damnnnn. i thought it was supposed to be in the past and why suddenly bring it up? potong steam punya lor! apala! everything was fine until she mention it! like i give a damn about wat they seeeeee in us!
fine! done with it. PAST IS PAST!
* picture taken while baking wen jian's bd muffinsss!

heh.. ytd i actually baked wif elisaaaa again! it is specially for our family and rakanku-mu. strawberry and choc chips and nutella = LOVE

just simply love how cute they look.. *winks*

and hey! imma show u my bangs! it was an accident style. it was supposed to be slide fringe. but anyway, am loving the fresh-ness style.! *winks*

well now i kinda miss my fringe before i cut this bang! awww man!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Saengil Chukha Hamnida

Hekk.. first of all i wanna wish ppl around the world who is the birthday today... happy birthday 11.1.11.

Nowwww.... *drum roll pleasee =)*

Happy Birthday toooooo WEN JIAN

hehe me and elisa made him muffins and bd card!... be proud weih.. cheh wahhh...!

tats all...