Saturday, September 27, 2008

crazy day~~

today after tuition terus balik rumah.
saw jane and kemmy sitting at da garden there waiting for me to come back..
thn reach house d.
kemmy and i not yet eat breakfast de leh..
so i decided to make sumthg to eat i thinking wanna make spagz de but kemmy say need to cut tis tat bla bla bla..
thn i think ya oso geh..
so i decided to make pancake lor..
da pancake box said need to add milk de o...
so i was thinking wat kind of milk?? those HL milk or those for ice kacang de milk oo??
so i juz heeya.. take da HL milk lar.. dun care..
all ingredients oso got d.
start make pancake lor.
i put 1 1/2 cup of pancake mix.
add egg oil and milk.
thn mix it..
mana tau..
mix till half feel like ei...
macam sangat kering larrr.
da flour mix wif those ingredient x jadi macam creamy tapi like wanna make bread like tat lor..
very dry...
thn kemmy keep on say need to put water de lar..
thn i say da box there oso didnt write need to add water..
thn check check check...
mana tau.. they say put 3/4 cup of milk but i put 1/4 cup of milk..
so i pour milk into da dry dry flour and mix it again lrr...
thn i over pour pulak..
haiz.. was juz keep on laughing non-stop at kitchen there wif kemmy...
da jane pigi mandi pulak.
so she terlepas da funny scenes mix mix mix..
like creamy jor worr..
sure happy lor..
thn i ask kemmy to try it..
she doesnt wan. so i try lor..
mana tau...
touch my tongue only..
i feel like vomitting..
no sweet taste but salty de leh..
i was like wat da...
thn i wanna make new one de but thn be4 tat try cook it first..
and see how.. thn i tried one slice..
ok worr.
like got miracle..
thn i know why salty d.
cos da flour inside got sum salt d thn juz continue cook lor..
when i cook till half..
jane finally finish bathing..
thn kemmy show her a video..
a guy shuffle-ing while fried-ing chicken wings.
lols.. da music kinda cooll...
thn i oso follow him cook pancake and shuffle but i dunno how to shuffle ma.
juz simple do lor..
kemmy and jane keep on laughing..
cook till half..
i asked kemmy to show us sum of her break dance skills? but thn she refused..
so bad TT ok.
finish cooking jor..
start eat..
i thoguht tat pancake mix wif honey and butter very nice de mana tau??
when i mix thm all together..
da first bite..
i wanna vomit again..
da taste was like milk..
a very weird milk taste...
i hurry up run to da dustbin and throw out!!
my god... was juz so disgusting man da taste..
so today's pancake can say failed..
cos no taste de...
sad sad sad case..
finish eat d..
took all da kayu for kh de..
and saw.. muahaha...
l8r watch da video ba..
im kinda harsh in da video..
cos cut da kayu ma.. cannot lemah lembut de..
and da black colour shirt is kemmy.
first song is barbie girl. i use to sing tis song wif kemmy last time at class.. lols.. and jay chou - cai hong.
finish do da stupid kh thingy d.
kemmy and jane say wanna watch movie..
so we all naik masuk bilik saya lor.
and watch saw III may god...
hate tis movie man..
so cruel da way jigsaw kill ppl..
i still rmb da first time i watch tis movie is wif kemmy and jane..
saw III but not till half oso i cant tahan d...
i straight masuk bilik jane and hear song..
i cried for da pain.. tears of pain?? i was like can feel da pain..
my god..
cant stand...
today watch oso i hold kemmy tightly... lols.. not les k. juz feel evry evr..dunno how to describe it..
we juz watch da last part..
da guy died on da machine..
his body was like turning...
eeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr so painfull..
ok ler.
tats all for today.
enjoy da video.
dun understand can ask me...

siao yuki,

Friday, September 26, 2008

latest picha~~

brownie day~~

today woke up at 9.30 am
brush my teeth..
thn bla bla bla..
walked to manda's house..
tat girl welcum me wif her pyjamas.. =="
wahaha.. thn i hurried her to bake browniesss
cant wait~~~ =p
manda went upstair and changed her pyjamas..
thn start bake lorr.
ok. so today's main reason we bake is cos manda wanna bake a brownie for her dad as a bd cake.
happy b'day uncle..^^
today i know bake cake is not tat easy...
but thn i still loving it~~ im loving it~~
da first step is put da flour into a dunno wats tat...
and u need to shake it thn da flour will come out...
da flour will look very very da smooth...
thn add water,oil and egg...
stir it~~
thn bake it..
haha. da most funny thing is my brownie mix got hershey's syrup but manda dun hav. mayb my one is dark choc gua...
hehe while baking it...
we make da topping.
choc topping..
kinda funny when we melt da choc bar aka baking bars
after da choc bars melt d..
manda and me tried it..
both of us was like yuckss...
so so so bitter man!!
thn we add sum icing sugar in it..
thn da icing sugar like become yat kau kau o..
thn i was very rough
i go and stir da choc wif da sugar hardly...
wahaha.. psps
lazy wanna say so much..
jump to brownie is done..
manda brownie is very nice..
but mine ar...
half half lar..
bo bian lar..
first time suan ok jor lor..
everyone eat it oso praise say its nice...*mine de*
juz da choc topping kinda bitter only..
done jor..
watch movie and eat pasta cooked by manda's maid.
kinda nice~~
thn watch da green mile..
manda's mum says tis movie is dam nice...
2 hours sumthg
i was likee wattt...
so long ar..
thought i watched it juz for bout half an hour...
but i cried...
sad story
da guy need to die...
but he is innocent...
u shuld watch it man..
thn green mile.. i strongly recommend u tis movie~~
go skul..
let my fren try da brownie..
daniel and gan says nice. kia sin oso. pei yin say nice but da topping kinda bitter only~~
so happy...
today i cried 2 times... watch movie only leh..
honestly.i cry very easily...
da movie is touching only.
u can see me crying..
juz now after dinner watch drama oso cry...
dun talk so much..
check out da picha...
ingredient tat u need. brownie mix,baking bars and whipping cream for topping and sum decoration thingy..
after u mix brownie mix,egg,water & oil. it will become like tis.
melting da baking bars.. ^^
ok now u can see da topping. inside got da baking bars. icing sugar and whipping cream..
manda's brownie. nice rite??
she was applying da topping and i asked her to take a picha~~
me boring... waiting for my brownie..
she look so serious decorating da brownie. in fact,she does~~~
my brownie~~
bd cake... decorate and made by manda.. such a gud daughter~~
see da whole thing
me and she :]
boring.. waiting for my brownie
tat girl^^
eating brownie using a knife ==!
me! concentrating applying topping on my very first brownie~~
going to finish lurr!!
da final step. cut it!! wahaha!!

yuhoo... tats all.
hope u enjoy~~

brownie brownie yuki,

while chatting wif aaron. he said tis in his persoanl msg. its bout me *can say so gua* =P
cos ur sweeter than apple pie...i mean blueberry pie ler.
haha. i think its cute and funny.
thx ya aaron~~

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

it's milkshake & ice blended day~~

ytd i did manicure..
hehe cos going to holiday jor ma~~
today go skul kinda scare pulak..
scare teacher saw me fingernail why shimmering de??
thn jialak lor.
today skul got spot-check again.
well,kinda hate spot-check de lorr.
cos it make me feel kinda bad..
rampas ppl thingy..
but in another side..
oso gud de..
can ponteng class ma =)
today me and kah ming walked around da skul...for 1 hour ++ i guess
normally i very active de..
walk 2 hours oso can
but dunno why today cant..
mayb my leg too tired jor gua..
really very low battery jor gua =(
today at skul kinda hav fun oso lerr.. :]
wbs time i so bu shuang lorr.
chun yip and his gang suddenly come and azlina from 2G i guess ask those girls who bring mirror pls take it out be4 we check ~~
x payah so chuan de...
thn siau yean wanna hide da mirror..
but thn mana tau??
she gave it to kemmy and kemmy say here...
thn i ask chun yip why mirror oso rampas o??
now like study secondary ai mei oso cannot..
so suck!! hate it!!
thn chun yip go and check my pencil case and he saw my liquid paper and he took it..
thn still ask who's pencil case is tis??
i say me thn he didnt take my scissors...
if u take my scissors ar..
i gonna kill u ==""" zzzz
so angry lorr.
suddenly gan pass by thn i shout at him and ask him to save us from tis smelly prison..
thn he really call 4 of us out(charmaine,me,yean & kemmy)
thn he asked us to gib all tis sej. folio to 2F class students.
hehe.. got chance to ponteng again..
thx ya gan~~
back from skul jor.
took my bath.
watch muvie again..
thn eat dinner.
after finish my dinner.
i paused da muvie and went to kitchen and guess wat
i went and make banana milkshake~~
kinda sucess larr.. but not totally.. kinda fail oso
cos put too much milk d.
nearly covered all da banana taste.. =(
first time make banana milkshake suan gud lorr :)
my dad says da banana quality is not gud.
cos i drink drink drink half way i feel my mouth kinda pahit.
so i thought mayb i didnt put sugar gua..
thn put a lil bit lor..
mana tau?? juz da same..
my maid more cham..
she tried da banana milkshake (satu spoon saja)
thn she vomit..
i was like wat da.... =="
u really dun gib me face lorr.
my dad said mayb she dun biasa drink all tis gua..
thn i think ya oso geh...
drink till half way still got 1/4
thn i dun wan jor.. my mouth getting pahit...
went to kitchen again.
guess wat.
i made ice blended milo.
i sudah gila..
but da ice blended kinda success worr.
so happy~~
dunno why nowadays like taking picture...
feel like wanna be a photographer~~
here are da picha :-
left hand ^^
right hand ^^
banana milkshake~~
i like tis picha so much. makes me feel like im a photographer~~ wahahaa.. :)
banana milkshake again~~
ice blended milo~~
take a closer look x]
kinda like tis picha too~~
zhu zhu (^(00)^)
drinking milkshake.. in da same time,u can see my house look. shocked?? well,i alwiz use hairband/pin at house
me~~ myself ~~ I~~

tats all~~

milkshake ice blended yuki,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

im a crazy naughty girl

today im kinda glad of myself.
finally i learnt to let go...
i've learnt to let go^^ of sumthg sumthg
wanna know wats tat?
dun wan let u know
its super high secret!!
no one knows it!!
beside myself~~
juz finsh watching a korean movie [[FRIVOLOUS WIFE]]
kinda nice and funny and cute and sweet ..
wat a cute couple inside tis movie
but da ending not really understsand
dunno why she say x ada prince tapi she oredi married to a prince??
but anyway..
it still a nice funny cute sweet movie~~
juz now chat wif gan
feel tat he not yet let go of his dream girl..
and i dunno why he dun wan to get a proper answer..
so i told him to follow his heart..
gan : if u feel like u shuld gib up thn gib up
if u feel u shuldnt thn dun ever try to gib up even one second oso..
go for it!!
i support u!! ur gang support u!!
dun afraid of failure!!
dun make it become ur weakness..
pikat her till she gib u a proper answer..
if she's still afraid of da past[broken heart thingy]
make her believe in u~~
dun gib up so easily !! jyjyjy~~
wanna sleep d.

let it go~~ yuki ;]

Monday, September 22, 2008


today seni time...
sumthg bad happpen..
well it started wif a cheese cake!!
it started wif me and kah ming...
kah ming keep on wanna take my cheesy cake away!!
out of sudden..
da pn. noor ***** shout at me and said sumthg bad to me...
i was so dam dam angry tat time!!
i sit down and keep quiet..
jabyss,gan,yau men and sum others help me booo wooo herr...
i feel kinda bad de leh.. >.<
cos of me jabyss gan they all need to stay at da bilik disiplin there...
sorry ya guys!! but thank you for helping me~~
they stay at da bilik disiplin there hampir whole day leh...
first first..
after they boooo woooo pn. noor *****
she was too angry..
thn called all of thm to go in front and write their name on a piece of paper and bring along their chair and sit in front there..
jabyss and gan sit face to face.
thn tis teahcer like got ntg to say lor..
go and say macam "ayam berak saja"
one thing jabyss u guys dunno de is after u all go to bilik disiplin d.
while she is teaching..
she told us not to simply say things
but she leh..
simply say things without using her brain..
continue ~~ jabyss dunno why suddenly say pig.
thn teacher thought it was yau men.
she took her marker pen and knock yau men haed.
yau men sure bu shuang de lor.
so he go and say pig pulak.
thn pn. noor ***** go and call en. cheah..
things getting more complicated..
all of thm go to bilik disiplin lor.
i start to become more bu shuang jor lorr.
i kept look at her only.
i know she know i was looking staright at her..
when she was teaching..
i dun wanna hear wat she say or look at her oso.
i turn back and talk wif kah ming.
ok. she finally finish talk her stupid note jor..
she asked all of us to take out da buku lakaran.
thn she asked me where is my buku lakaran..
i say at house and she say put at house for wat??
tikus tengok ar??
i feel very ngam lor wat jabyss say..
she really love animal a lot...
lot more lar.
lazy wanna say d.
staright go to after recess.
i waited kah ming at class there.
kah ming come up and ask me to go bilik disiplin..
i was so hapy tat time..
going to complain tis teacher jor..
had lots of fun at bilik disiplin.
jokes and play and tis and tat..
kah ming really break record in bilik disiplin for writing a super long report.he really wanna port tis teacher till...dunno how to say..
he think every point.
last time wat pn. noor ***** say de bad thing all oso he go and write back..
even chun yip case oso he go and write on da report there...
i was having fun at bilik disiplin there..
especially when i look at gan.
poor him..
so lonely sitting alone no one talk wif him..
thn i go and sit beside him...
and chit-chat wif him.
spend 2 hours i guess inside da bilik disiplin there..
didnt go back to class..
perhimpunan time..
naikkan flag together...
kinda fun..
well.. luckily jabyss gan yau men they all didnt get any surat amaran..
thank god ~~
tats all furr today..
thanks guys!!

"C" yuki,
bubui ++

Saturday, September 20, 2008

elisa's sis bd party...

well today after tuition go eat lunch at mamak there...
at my tuition downstairs only...
i cant praise the mamak restaurant lar...
services is bad...
food not nice at all.. (tao kung gum liew)
but thn my dad ordered da mee goreng biasa kinda nice o...
back home jor...
not yet 5 mins oso..
elisa called me and asked my wanna go to her house help her waste chair and others or not...
thn i say ok lur...
walking to elisa house tat time saw chee chong and his fren...
ya lor...
talk bout chee chong and his fren...
today early morning be4 i go to tuition...
i was so shocked why i saw chee chong ,min kit and sum others...
i was like wat da... how come u guys at here de??
but thn no chance wanna talkk wif them cos gotta go tuition...
ok...back to walking to elisa house tat time...
chee chong asked me wahhh....walk so sing ku ar??
thn his fren all oso look at me...
reach elisa house jor..
i asked elisa..wei,let thm come to ur house play lar...
thn elisa say harr...
ok... sudah masuk rumah elisa
start wash chair...
its water time...
keep on playing water....
half way i start to hatchii....
thn hatchii hatchiii...
irritate me so much...
hatchii non-stop...
finish wash all da chair jor..
play ping pong..
first first play dun really know cos its been a long time didnt play jor...
play play play...
so fun!!!
love it~~
ok... tired jor..
go upstairs play comp...
thn elisa go fetch sin jo..
left me alone play comp..
ntg much to do oso..
hear song lor...
see picha lor...
sin jo and elisa back jor...
start to see leng lui picha...
and keep on say make up thingy *fashion thingy oso*
thn sien jor..
go downstair play ping pong again...
elisa keep on saying...wei juz now u play not like tis de wor...
thn i say of course lar...
pro d ma... i rmb back jor ma... *perasan-ing*
5 sumthg elisa and sin jo follow me go back house...
take bath and bla bla bla...
6pm i guess...
go back to elisa house...
wait forr elisa bath.
thn eat..
super duper full...
today finally can find a fren who can eat more thn me jor ...
was juz so full...
full till cant stand up straight ...
so delicious leh those food tat cooked by elisa's grandma
but thn dunno why... elisa juz keep on bad mood nia...
so scaryyy ...>.<
x lama,bd girl cut cake.
choc ice-cream cake.
not bad wor.
finish eat jor
went to playground~~
play badminton...see-saw..swing ar??
and took lots of picha...
here are da picha :-

emo-ing?? moody-ing??

snap tis while she looking at me...

jojo acting emo??

can u see me??

elisa de drawing... :)

bd girl de cake...

da bd girl...cindy^^

all PEACE!!

see how happy she is...

me and elisa :)

me and tis xiao didi...dunno wat name *psps*

funny?? weird?? siao??

jojo,why u so tall de ar??? titanic.. boleh nampak saya x??

oh my... ur legs are so smelly...

i look weird. rite??

we look like kissing rite?? actually we arent kissing each other...juz acting~~

trying to act emo but failed. become look boring nia =="

jo kinda succeed acting emo. rite?? x)

jo and me :)

3 of us together :]

elisa. me. jojo.

jo and da flower??

me and yellowish de flower??

arent tis pose sexy?? hehe. of course ler.. jojo and me teach teacher to pose like tis de wor... *perasan-ing*

me and camry?? cant see me rite?? TT

jojo and camry??

elisa and jack jack.. *forgot wanna take picha wif jack jack ar*

tats all furr today.
have lots of fun.
tq ya elisa for inviting me...
though u moody..but still fun^^

enjoying life yuki,