Wednesday, September 23, 2009

cant i?

sometimes it is really kinda frustrating. quarrel over and over again bout juz the same thing. why cant i juz hav the hairstyle i like. the length i like.. the fringe i like. the stuff i like. sick and tired. if i juz obey wat u like. i rather choose not to cut or buy anything.. i wanna choose. cant i?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

hello hols

at last hello hols. ishh i know im kinda late to say hello hols. but wat to do lar.. was busy on weekends. finally i get 4 days off. who wanna ajak me go out?? take ur hp and call me.. will be waiting.. hehe. juz back from oldtown. had dinner wif see shi. oh well.. tat new open oldtown at bdr puteri suck. eww...

dun really hav much to blog lar as my hols are kinda boring.. needa study summore. ishh!!! PMR is really near d. but i dun hav da mood.. how am i going to face the PMR?? sumone pls call me go out....

signing off
love yuki