Friday, January 23, 2009

today my class are having PJK. we learnt how to jump in a right ways. but unfortunately one of my classmate fell down and hurt her leg. I knew we were bad because we're laughing at her when she fell down. but we just couldnt help it. sorry ya.. we are supposely to jump on the middle of the chair.. but she jump and step on the side of the chair.. and as the chair became unbalance.. she fell down and so do the chair and da chair dropped on her leg.. i guess she nearly fracture.. i oso kinda pity her.. 2 more days is Chinese New Year already and i wonder how is she gonna celebrate it?? juz stay at home?? its gonna be superb boring. & it was embarassing u know she fell down.. everyone pass except her and all girls we looking at her.. and finally she was sent home.

i really do enjoys moral very much cos our moral teacher was juz so fun.. but sumtimes she was kinda scary.. but it juz when we did sumthg wrong.. i hearts her.. she is way different from others teacher.. especially my maths and sejarah teacher.. gosh.. terrible horrible vegetable.. so dam serious.. wonder wanna ask thm why so serious?? i guess there's ntg to do wif pn saras they all gua cos since pn chuah(moral teacher) can be so funny why cant they??

CNY is on the way.. but i dun feel like u know.. excited nor anything.. felt very normal.. was like ntg happened.. and i do think tis year CNY wasnt gonna be so fun due to the economy prob.. ppl are losing their jobs.. life getting harder.. and im looking forward to next saturday.. gonna be fun.. haha.. =) and i hearts obama.. he is an inspiring person..

tis sunday im making cappucino cake.. haha.. so dam excited.. look forward to it so much.. hopefully will success lar.. and manda is making cookies.. haha.. i can curi da recipes..

will end here..
love yuki..
happy chinese new year to my girlfriends and boyfriends..
muacks. =]

Monday, January 12, 2009

im updating =)

& hell yeah i finally update my blog. actualy there's ntg much to write about.. but since everyone is updating their blog.. so why not i update it too.. *hehe* and actually juz the same topic.. i still hate morning session rules.. it totally sucks.. & tis morning the teacher says sumthg which makes me feel so swt swt swt bout it.. boys and girls must seat seperately during recess.. and hell who's gonna listen to you?? we are secondary.. we are morning session we are 15 16 17 18 years old.. not those 4567 years old small kids. are u out of ur mind or wat?? outdated and close-minded.. bad bad bad..

i still have history and KH notes to do.. but im so not in a mood to do it.. hate doing notes actually. no fun at all.. i've been doing tis since i was standard 6 (i guess).. BORING!!

& im so not feeling gud when i saw the form 6 prefect.. (the fat girl wif short hair) who do u think u are huh?? think tat u are so 'beautiful'.. shit lar u.. saw u only wanna vomit d.. bitch betul.. sombong like shit summore.. still cant forget wat she said to elisa.. *pelajar pandang belakang* hello.. she didnt even knock on u.. go to hell!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

first day of skul. kinda boring. asembly oso so long. and wat i hate is everyday oso hav asembly. come on. we are not primary students anymore. we know how to go up by ourselves.. gosh.. and morning session really boring.. too strict d. i wonder why?? arent we grown up?? so not in a mood to face PMR tis year.. =/ IM AFRIAD of my form 3 maths. especially linear equation.. killing me..

Sunday, January 4, 2009

today is the last day for us to have fun. tomoro skul reopen. and morning section sucks lar. we grow up d but still wanna be so strict. haiz.. tis year PMR lor not UPSR ar.. no fun at all. rite now i juz couldnt imagine how my class teacher will be like?? old young?? hate skul reopen.. and im free tis year.. not prefect anymore.. so hopefully i will have fun being a normal students.. hehe. A new chapter of my life juz begun.. kays =) gonna off. byes~~

<3 yuki =)