Saturday, April 25, 2009


today was hari kecemerlangan. Leo set up a stall to sell sum mini cup cakes and beverages and mini pizza. the sales was quite good though. mini pizza was da best sales. hmm.. today i actually knew few new frens. they are quite nice and funny. =) and we actually sort of enjoyed. haha. shouting and fighting wif YE. about 10.30 we start to pack up. there's sum mini pizza left and beverages too. so teachers asked us to bring back home. but mini cup cakes... kinda bad though. at first we decieded to kept it and sell it next thurs. but im afraid it will spoil and so wasted. so we actually decided to sell it 50 cent each. only me and manda walking around da skul selling it. others all went back d. at 11am. we actually successfully sell all of them. lols. we are great arent we?? kaka.

but thanks to pn mages too helping us selling da muffins. was sort of exhausted. haha next mon and tues i will ponteng skul. lols. no lar. juz following skul bsb team to puchong jaya dunno a or b d. competition. of course me and yean not playing. haha. we juz following for fun~~ kaka. and im still suffering my backache.. unbearable. sort of getting worse. hope it will heal faster..

yuki xoxo

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

im backkkk

ages didnt blog d. im busy actually. juz feel so so lazy to on the comp. so i guess its been 3 weeks i didnt touch my comp d beside my bro laptop.. recently,load of hw but i didnt bother bout it. today,sumhtg really bad happened. the F class is not F class anymore. the most fun and noisy guy changed class GAN and DINESH. shit lar.. ang chooi bee so bad. seperate us. today our meatball teacher was absent. so we actually spend da 1/2 hour to visit them again and again and teacher were teaching but they seem like dun give a dam bout it. haha.

ok lar. im back now. blogging agai. but not much i can write or say today. haha. but theres one thing i would like to let it out,shout it?? leo club thingy freaking me out. i mean for crying out loud. u are making us confused and.. ish.. juz freak me out.. never knew it would be so hard. u guys are unpredictable..

around the corner. LEo club is selling sum stuff. support us babes!!

yuki, muacks