Wednesday, September 29, 2010

muffins without butter.

hi guys! haha cant believe it im actually updating my blog again! =D so let's start with ytd activities. morning school. afternoon bake muffins. evening cook spaghetti. night tuition. poor little jojo!
first we really bake muffins. but only 4 of them cos the barter was too little. at first we actually planned to do fresh strawberry muffins. but jesse bought blackforest choc. so i was thinking why not i put da choc in the middle of the muffin and so it will melt. but who know? the choc didnt really melt like wat i expected it to be. then i found M&M in elisa's fridge. so i did decorate the muffins! but mana tau da M&M melt wor.. cant see a thing on the top but only the colour of them... lmao!
then jesse wanna bake again. we did all the measurement. i was actually expecting him to take the butter and weigh it. but... he didnt! he juz put flour baking powder egg sugar and tats it! u know how i found out? hahaha while i was cleaning the table, i was curious why there's still butter left? and i knew it!!! it was freaking funny.. he looks kinda pissed off! lmao!! then last minute change! we added some coffee into the barter. and it turns out to be quite tasty.. its no longer called muffins. its kinda crispy. and NICE! haha *applause* i can be chef d! i name the so called muffin as coffee toffee. wat a cute name! * now only rmb didnt take the coffee toffee picture!

today da weather was freaking hot. or mayb my class only? my class is so freaking warm today. and imagine me sitting at the side with no fan and wind! its madness! guess wat? i got headache cos of the weather. nice right? =x i slept for 3 hours and at last the headache is gone! thank god ♥

shhhh! let me tell u soemthing.. im not supposed to be blogging right now! i shuld be doing mua revision.. but i juz couldnt help it! sorry lar.. blogging is nice! but now i seriously have to go d. so ciao dudes and babes!

yuki xoxo

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

god bless them for always!

hello peeps. this is just another short update to revive my blog.. it seems to be kinda dead.. since im not blogging much lately.. first im quite busy.. exam is around da corner and so i chall start my revision..or else im gonna get an egg for my family. i dun wan tat to happen!!

hmm mum and dad went to jb to visit my grandma who recently admitted into hospital. dad said she is ok now.. face is kinda blushy d. and my mum is gonna send her to nursery home.. not abandon her! dun think the wrong way! juz tat my grandma really need someone who can really take care of her. fyi, she is now eating thru a tube.. not mouth anymore. so the nursery home has nurses to take care of her. plus, my uncle have diabetes and high blood pressure. he is no longer able to take good care of my grandma. i think he took care of my grandma for 10 years. and he is still single.. wat a big sacrifice! and recently, he injured himself in an acident. mum said is due to he worried too much bout my grandma and suddenly bang! he went into the big longkang! u know diabetes ppl cant afford to have wound. its very hard for them to heal. so hopefully the wound will heal asap! god bless my grandma and my dear uncle!

i miss mua mama and papa! they will be back tonite! *cheers*

yuki xoxo

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

wat u put me through

i guess tis is gonna one emo update. i dunno where shuld i start but inside of me is feeling kinda emo. i dun know wat happened between us. i dun know wat affect us but i can tell u tis. i never thought we could end up like tis. i mean i feel like im the one who is standing at the corner hoping praying tat we were friends like last time again. the enjoyable texting, the no limits talking, the helpful advice, and everything juz suddenly vanished into thin air. i did put some effort on our friendship but seem like you are juz keeping the distance between us. i dun know wat else i shuld do anymore. if i try too hard, u might even juz forget me as ur friend. i have lost a few friends and i juz cant afford to lose more and more. especially friend like you, whom i can share everything. i dun really know u tat long.. though its 3 years but i admit we are juz getting better tis year but now see wat happen.. so near yet so far. wth is this man! its freaking frustrating and yet i juz cant do anything anymore! fuck lar! somehow, inside of me thinking who am i to go and ask u wat happen? could we figure tis out? wif ur stupid attitude? mayb i shuld really take my friend advice and juz forget everything.. juz keep the memories we ever had and you are the past! if tats wat u wan.. fine lets do it. i dun give a dam anymore.. you are juz delusional..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

all in 1

Bazaar @ Bangsar.. woke up early in the morning and hmm... here i come bazaar.. i was in a gud mood. hoping to get something nice and cheap.. well nothing much actually. i will juz show ya wat i bought.
but i gave one of the top to manda.. see im so gud! hahas.. cheh wah.. x) but in da same time, my bro bought me a casio watch as well. but its GOLD! fyi, i cut my hair! to ..... shoulder length.. i wanted to try bob. but im afraid it wont suits me as my face is kinda big.. so for safety, i tried shoulder length first.. pls tell me if it suits me or not? cos i kinda like it too! =D some of my fren said its kinda rocker and mature! and i like rocker style too.. mayb like taylor monsem or kristen stewart or mayb hayley william stuff too..
so how do i look? it suits me or not?
okay! on tat day.. dunno when d. me and elisa went to ioi and watch step up 3. da movie rocks baby! u gotta watch it... and we went to kimchi haru. ok i gotta tell ya. im not really someone who loves korean food. and after eating at kimchi haru, i got a lil phobia d. i called a fried kimuchi rice. and it is so freaking spicy. hahs in the end i exchange wif elisa. i ate her cheese rice cake.. gotta admit tat it is cheesy and fat but in da same time it is nice. so fat + nice. u juz couldnt resist right?
a closer look to my short hair!




i took all the cheese away! hahs eeeeee! cheese go away!

its freaking spicy!!!!

so long or short?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

elisa babe

tis post is speciallly for mua ELISA BABE
thanks for editing the pictures.. i love you~

the bitches outing!

happy holiday! ya i know im a lil late to wish yall.. but im busy.. hols for me is working day! i have to say it.. so i've been busy working everyday and so i dun even have time to mayb check out my fb or blog. till today.. hehe i woke up quite early, i mean 2 sumthg. now tats early to me. cos usually i will sleep till mayb 4. imma pig,i know!!
okay so now im gonna continue my post.
my outfit of the day
top [f 21]
short [cotton on]
shoe [cotton on]
we reached sunway around 1. walking around trying to get something. then we entered our first shop, topshop. i saw a one piece dress. its freaking cute but then price juz wasnt worthy. so in the end, i didnt get it.. after that, we went in to one shop, idk wat name, but we spent at least half an hour inside playing around but didnt bought anything. im pretty sure the staff were pissed. lols. i still love my spec after trying others!
"live everyday meaningfully"

ked all of us to write sumthg on the notepad which will inspire other ppl. so i wrote and we got free cupcakes. haha i didnt eat it.. 3 of us walked around searching for small kid and we gave them. and mission completed. then we went to cotton on. i didnt get anything but manda bought 2 shorts and elisa bought one sneaker.. like mine but its denim. but, i bought sumthg from f21. hehe i was dam freaking happy. i love it.!! i love my outfit tat day!!
got a lil regret didnt get it!
i bought tis!! likey!

as u know, f21 has many rules to follow. no sharing room, no camera allowed. yet, we did share room and took pictures and got scolded! omg! the staff is freaking fierce.. its kinda embarassing too! but who cares? i had fun peeps! if im not mistaken, karuna bought a bracelet from f21, dayana bought bangles from bonita and top dunno from where d and alyson bought a anime book..lunch time, we headed to kim gary. dayana is fasting so in order not to let her got tempted by foods, we brought her to a non-halal shop!. tooks pictures again! lols we never stop taking pictures tat day! after lunch, we went to walk around the centre of sunway and saw the train and everyhting.. so we decided to photoshot..hehs.. i love it.. lalalala~~~

i got to meet up wif kemmy! she loook so cute wif da crocs i bought her!


yuki xoxo