Sunday, August 16, 2009

feeling better

after fighting wif da fever for 2 days. finally im getting much more better now. today i forced myself to tuition. oh well i did went but juz for 1 hour. the 1 hour makes me feel so sick. my body started to feel uneasy. like da heat is back. my eyes was so dry. and so i decided to call my dad and he came around 2 sumthg.

here, i needa say thanks to aaron, elisa, see shi, and poh theen. thx for the concern. kaka~~ im really feeling better now. so no worries =) hopefully i'll be able to attend skul 2moro. well i dun think so im infected by the h1n1. god bless me. juz a normal sick i guess.

signing off now,
xoxo yuki

Saturday, August 15, 2009


ytd went to bumbubali and had dinner wif kemmy couch and elisa. as i arrived home. i knew i was going to hav fever. so i took sum medicine be4 sleep. tis morning the heat on my body awake me. my whole body was so weak. its like im walking without gravity. like im floating in da space. luckily i did not promise my babes tat i will be going to skul. if not, it would be a bad day for me.

i was so scare. i thought i was infected by the h1n1. cos it was so similiar wif da h1n1. i had sorethroat,fever,running nose & headache. my head was so pain till my eyes was in pain too. luckily my mum gave me sum medicine. now im getting better d. later still needa go to work.

signing off now,
xoxo yuki

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hooray!! Trial end d. Am so dam happy now.. Laalala.. hahas but juz for those are not taking chinese nor agama.. they still need to suffer 2moro. and we.. kaka. we are free babes!! Im so lack of sleep these few days. been burning midnight oils from monday to wed.

i had a gud news.. i scored A for geo.. am so happy. i did not waste my efforts.. now finally i could touch my keyboard again. hmm inside of me, there's a feeling. hmm.. its like wannabe crazy.. go party. lols. hmm tis coming hols hopefullly can earn sum money to hang out wif my babes.. but after hols, i need to suffer again. gerak gempur is up next.. after gerak gempur, PMR.. hell..

i had no comment on my maths paper today. cos i feel tat i actually did quite well is compared to my mid term. but wif kemmy help, she correct sum of my mistakes.. so i hope i really can score at least B pls?? bm bahagian c. i hav no idea if i did well or not. i dare not to give comment on my papers. cos everytime when i said tat i can score well on tat paper. in the end, i dissapoint myself for being so over confident. i alwiz had mistakes like over confident or forgetful. eg maths, there's alwiz a forgetful mistakes in it like simplify?? ughh hate it.

hmm.. now i hav at least bout one week to rest my brain... sleep my day off mayb?? but only for tis one week... after tat no more rest day for me. im working on my tummy rite now.. seems like for months non stop eating habit has gain my weight.. specially fats on my tummy. gosh.. hate it.. so gogo yuki... u can do it..

and so im signing off,
ciao guys