Friday, July 30, 2010


hell yeah trouble is a friend.. they will find u no matter where u go.. hmm i was trying to make my blog private after the drama happened today. learnt our lession. but well i dunno how to make it.. it confuses me with the contact thingy.. anyway im juz gonna try to be a lil smarter. =)

actually i or we thought everything is a full stop. but who in the hell will know tat eht dlo namow like to hold on to grudges? she is childish, refuse to lose, and anything u wan to describe. juz like wat S said. eht dlo namow is someone who is brainless enough to pick a fight on the small ones. brainless right?

the story is like tis : we are having chemistry. suddenly i juz heard them in a group dunno talking bout wat. u must be curious right? well, they are actually talking bout eht dlo namow asking them not to be frens with the big boy in class. stupid right? i mean who are u to tell us who we shuld be frens with and who shudnt we? u aint my parents. even my parents dun do tis kind of thing.. tis is a piece of shit!. an unnecessary shit. tats fine. and then u wanna play law wif ppl. are u outta ur mind? i bet ur brain must be placed around ur stinky ass. tats why u are unable to think. too bad..

and frens learn tis.. if u are smart, pls dun add ur rehcaet no matter how close u are with them. bear tat in ur mind. and dun be so implusive. tis wouldnt make anything better.. lesson learnt. another one, i leanrt no to trust ppl tat easily..

here is wat happened, dnuor hcamots namow is the stupid-est woman i've ever seen in my whole dam life. stupid selfish arrogant revengeful and fucking brainless. dnuor hcamots namow had no idea wat's gonna happen to us once she pin-point sumthg and said sumthg tat there's no U-turn. oh goodness, i feel like slapping her kau kau till her mouth bleed and mayb have bruises.. the round woman said sumthg to the old woman, and then the old woman freaks out and u'll know wat happen.

being impulsive, u will drag urself into hell. the sis of the big boy in class was in hot soup. she posted sumthg and in the end....

inside of me, there's feeling or anger-ness and heartbroken. tis is juz the beginning of everything. SUCK IT! i just hope that everything is going to be fine for u and ur family.. if anything happen to u and ur family, i will be very very sorry! i am sorry! fuck them. u might be smiling, but i know inside, there is part of u thinking and wondering wats gonna happen next? wats in the next chapter of hell? all i wanna say is we stand as family.. family will support u till the end. and we love love x3 you. dun worry. i know there's a lot in ur plate.. juz bear with it.. its juz the matter of time.

p/s i love $B forever and always..


Thursday, July 29, 2010

it's over

ok im kinda sick and tired of cursing for 2 days in a row. so nahh im not gonna say much anymore. so those who knew bout it, u are lucky =D

and no motter wat happens, never involve other ppl parent. especially insulting them. u are being disrespectful to us and in the end, ppl will only say u have no manners and ur parents will get blame as if they didnt taught u well. so bitch, u are making urself look like a FOOL! fuck you! or i shuld say u are already a fool in the beginning. oh well who can i blame? figure it urself.

u will earn my respect when u show me wat is RESPECT to you. so dun blame ppl if they dun respect u.. cos i dun think so respect is in ur vocabulary and mayb u dun even know how to spell it.. how awful is that?

well, im done with the tears now.. no more fragile i hope. =)

signing off now..
after few days of drama, i sorta fall sick d.. flu the other day and now headache.. 2moro? fever? NO WAY!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010


do i look stupid to you? hope i am.. but u are doing things that it's obvious enough to tell me that u thought i was 3 years old.. even blind ppl oso can see u are trying to play game with us. ur game is not funny at all lor. all the things ended up like this is all because of you. thanks to you.. i seriously appreciate it fucking dam much. luckily K is there to help me re-write the fucking disgusting letter u asked us to change in order to satisfied ur fucking smelly heart.. but i wonder if u have a heart? mayb animal heart will suits u more.. especially pig ones.

we went to see u. and u said we need it to be formal and neat. ok fine we change took a A4 paper. we make it into essay form. not satisfied. we went to see u again. u let us waited outside the multimedia room for 15 mins. tats fine. u checked our letter and then saw grammar problem asked us to change.. especially u want me to change memuaskan to memuaskan hati G.. eww.. u gross bitch! tats fine too. and then after all the craps u gave us.. u wan us to rewrite the letter again for the stupid reason it has to be formal.. so no liquid no correction on it. FUCK YOU BITCH.. u wan us to write how many copy.. straightly tell us lar.. why u wanna waste our time.. u disgusted me...

and i cant believe my own eyes too.. u were actually smiling when u asked us to change the sentences.. circle the grammar problem.. so tis is all part of ur plan lar.. u are eat till so old d oso mm fah one lar.. dun eat rice lar.. eat shit lar.. hopeless piece of shit.. worse than shit.. u are indescribable.. i wonder how to describe u.. sumthg which is way more than worst.. dun be a teacher lar.. u wasting ur time and our time only.. go back home and wait to give birth lar. teaching is not wat u shuld do lar.. u are not eligible to do so..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a dramatic day..

its a dramatic day for me.. i think wat happened today will be saved in my memories forever..

it started with our teacher came in and shouted at us.. scolding us bout the paper she printed to change our respective sit due to our noisy-ness in the class is lost. my fren,XN actually threw it cos the paper was tore and crumpled. and he did actually make the effort to stick it back together.. she started to freak out when no one wants to admit who tore the paper.. and in the end, she brought us to the discipline room. the discipline teacher came out and asked who did it.. again no one said a single word. i was pissed off.. after sum discussion, all of us decided to face the music together. but theXN is foolish enough, he sort of sacrifice himself.. he did threw away the paper but its not his fault and he didnt tear it. imagine if u saw a piece a paper. tore and crumpled, will u throw it away? its not like the fucking teacher cant print another one.. she juz wanna see us get into trouble.. its her opportunity..

so me and K decided to save him from the trouble he is gonna get... but the stupid fucking shit proud of herself witch discipline teacher wouldnt accept our explanation.. as she said its the issue of disrespecting teacher.. oh hell now i really lost my respect for them PRIN, teacher and da discipline teacher.. things got bigger.. the principle show up. ok this is so called settled. the witch asked us to go back to our class but i refuse.. all of us refuse.. hello inside there.. a guy who is innocent.. i wan him to go back with us. teacher got pissed. came out and scolded us for saying we all are backing up on him.. i dun think so we are wrong. the principle got mad and started to question us. she asked me if he threw away the paper was correct.. i said YES.. she was so dam angry until she shouted at me. ok tats fine.. i knew tis is gonna happen.. she took a paper and asked me to throw it away. of course i didnt at the first place.. but she is forcing me and i lost my patience. i threw it and then she asked some of my classmates if its right or wrong.. of course everyone is gonna say RIGHT.. u fucking brainless big boobs old lady..

tis is how the drama started.. but i never hesitated if i was wrong.. im juz telling the truth. if u dislike it, then fuck off. the truth is always ugly. but if u wan me to lie and not to protect XN, i couldnt do it. soon, some of us included me broke down into tears.. i tried not to cry but in the end, the tears juz flow down.. the one thing tat pissed me is the fact tat our teacher is actually smiling when all of us got scolded.. i feel like slapping her.. slap her with all my strength..

now i have to write one note and one letter to our class teacher to apologize. fuck lar. i feel like vomitting.. i wrote the maafkan saya so unwillingly.. i wonder why students always get it.. and i have another letter.. i have to say i promise i will never do tat.. state down wat's my fault.. i seriously dunno wat i did lor.. so wat am i gonna say? i wish i could juz write fuck you.

here, i would like to apologize to MR S for getting him involved in the case. he juz get it from the principle for nothing. juz cos he is our m. teacher.. i wonder if honest really exist in this skul?

for the coward in our class, u shuld be very very sorry for all of us especially NIC and XN. im so dissapointed on u. if i know who u are, u will definitely get it from me. i will make sure u face the music.. u deserve it..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


few minutes ago.. i was really down.. sumthg is bothering me.. i dunno wat to do.. wat to say.. who to turn to. im half way end up crying.. but now.. i feel very gud.. she called me and she talked everything out.. i guess i will have to learn to not to draw conclusion so fast..

i learnt sumthg.. not to draw conclusion so fast.. not to keep quiet but to open ur mouth.. not to think negatively... not to raise my voice so fast.. not to everything is bad..

yuki xoxo

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010



hey guys.. actually there's really ntg much to post for today.. like usual, being crazy in da class.. enjoying the time.. ohh there's highlights.. my fren actually forced me to speak bahasa melayu.. and everything whn i speak, they will sure be laughing out loud.. claiming its weird yet unique.. oh well tats my style! cheh wah! xD no one can copy me! haha.. take tat!

at nite right after tuition when to oug pasar malam.. its been a while now.. cant rmb when was the last time i went to pasar malam.. but there's ntg to do oso lar.. still enjoy it wif elisa. drink and eat all they way and then gain weight and sad again! hmm but im enjoying every single thing i put in my mouth! back home at 11..

i shall end here!

yuki xoxo

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

lunch wif babes!

today was freaking hot.. been sweating all day long.. but the sun cant keep me away from having fun rite? but there's one thing tat pissed me off. early morning, my english teacher or mayb i will prefer to call her old witch woman.. tis is wad happen.. she came in, looked so not pleased wif us. she questioned me where is my exact place and asked me to change immediately.. ok starting to piss.. and when she asked me sum suprb stupid question which u had no idea how to answer and there, she replied how could u miss tat.. like i care! and she made me repeated the answer as loud as possible.. god she knew i was pissed..

and she asked us to dicuss bout tis.. why do u get marry? wat a stupid question!... cos u love tat person? cos tat person got u pregnant? cos u forced to do so be4 30.. its can be anything! sorry was juz throwing anger!

today after skul went to ioi for lunch wif my girls, kemmy, yean and ying! we had nando's. it was my first time.. i can say its not bad. sumthg like kenny roger.. then we walked around the ioi.. no idea where to go. juz keep on walking.. till i decided to go for groceries wif yean and kemmy. omg! we had lots of fun in jusco.. fooling around.. snapping stupid pictures which we will keep forever.. its part of our memories! true ones though.. lols.. at 6 we headed home.. yean decided to wait for her mum at my house. so we had sum girl girl talk.. i gotta say.. its been a while now since i talked like tat to yean.. i alwiz had fun chit chatting wif her.. she open ur mind.. to sumthg u couldnt see.. well its gud.. and im grateful for having her! love ya girl..

okay.. i will end it here.. btw, im glad im back blogging once again! keep it up girl =D

yuki xoxo

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

im back i suppose?

my last post was on february. so its been 4 motnhs now since i left my blog.. dont really know i let it die.. mayb im lazy or dun find it interesting anymore? oh whatever.. but here i am now.. im back blogging once again.. thanks to frens. well when i saw their blog, i wonder why i quit? oh well i gotta thanks kwaie for tis.. she made me thank her! mayb it wasnt tat bad anyway..

hmm where shuld i start? now am on my half way to finish the freaking essay.. i used to love essay but not anymore.. i dun know why? mayb my idea is running low? mayb.. i will juz pause it and continue 2moro.. if u get wat i mean.. copy fren's essay? tats wat student tends to do!

ive been cursing a lot lately.. (using fuck) had no idea wat on the hell strucks me.. but i juz curse a lot.. i call it sum sort of the way u express ur feeling.. ur anger.. come back to think.. i dun curse like how i curse now.. i dun even use tat word for the past 16 years.. i will only curse if im seriously mad. but then now even a lil thing can make me curse.. is it bad or gud? inapropriate mayb? for a girl to curse..

hmm guess i found back the interest.. well next update soon! =D

yuki xoxo