Saturday, November 20, 2010



Outfit of the day
Forever 21
Cotton On

aloho peeps!! hmm.. let me count how many days i didnt blog d. 10 days~~ wow.. but i feel like ages didnt blog d. SORRY! because i was prettty lazy and busy to blog. but here i am now! *peace*

oh well, where shuld i begin with? i feel like there's a lot to blog bout. ?? let's see..... YEAH! i better post bout my outing wif my crazy frens on 101110. hahah november is stuck in between 10 and 10!

tis outing is pretty memorable! like usual 4 of us (kemmy, tiki, steph & moi) elisa didnt join us! wat a bad girl! i know.. hahahaha.. sorry lar if im being a lil crazy? cos i do feel good today!

we had NANDO for our lunch. god im addicted to nando's thanks to kemmy! for starters we had garlic breads. hmm ntg special but still love it! and then main course... tadaaaaaa!!!!~ all of us chose hot peri-peri. YUMMY!
after lunch, i actually thought tat we will be heading for karaoke session! but time was a problem for kemmy. so yeahhh disappointed! and i forgot who said wanna get ear piercing d. it was pretty shocking. 3 of them got pierced but not me. now think of it, kinda regret it larrr! with her expression, i say no to piercing d!

tiki's piercing was pretty scary and it looked so dam painful. idk wat went wrong wif da gun but it was stucked in her ear and it seemed to be tat it wasnt fully pierced! DAMN right! goose bump all over my body!
she claimed tat her piercing isnt painful at all and want more! but we said NO! LIESE!!
piercing done. window shopping. nahh ntg to see oso! and so we headed to starbucks! and its kemmy's treat! lalalalala~~ we had choc cream chip. OMG! it was the first time in my life tat i had starbucks blended like ice kacang!.... u cant taste the chips. but u get to taste plenty of ice!!

signing off now,
yawns! its late.. gotta sleep.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Like a G6

Like A G6

i'm pretty sure that everyone listen to it. and like it or hate it. the first time when i heard tis song, it's just so so to me. and after repeating it, u actually feel like partying and eventually, it's my current fav song! *peace* and i bet everyone sure will be thinking wat G6 means, i once thought it was a jet, then there's ppl claim it's bout a car. so now.. Far East Movement explains the meaning behind G6..

"A G6 is not a Gatorade flavor. It's not a car, convertible, four-door. It's not a watch," group member Kev Nish told MTV News. "But Drake, Drake talks about having G4 pilots on deck, so we said, 'What's flyer than a G4?' Of course, it would be a G6."

Nish also explained to the Associated Press: "It means we wanted y'all to experience a night with us. We hit the clubs, three clubs in one night. We feel fly. It's just about 'feeling fly,' feeling yourself. Living that night like it's your last."

It had one million hits on YouTube before it even had any play on the radio.

serious?? YEAH!!

yours truly,


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

it touches you. ♥

some may say she is freaking boring, some may say she is so talented and some just like her because of her originality and the every single word in her songs that brings memories to you. ♥

there's few songs that until now, it is still my all time fav!
#1 I Never Told You

#2 Realize

#3 Bubbly

and thru Her Blog.

I found out bout tis singer. idk much bout him. i think he just sing his songs and upload it! he kinda gave me a jesse mccartney's feel!

#1 Like I Always Do

"I'll watch you like a movie, I'll sing you like a song, I'll read you like a story, I'll keep like a secret, I'll tell you like a joke.."

#2 Mad

I'm mad I wanna see ya, I'm mad I wanna kiss ya, I'm mad I wanna be with you, I'm mad I wanna hold ya.."

yuki xoxo

Saturday, November 6, 2010


this post is gonna be all bout the dramas i watched these past few months =) first i shall start with taiwan?
Summer's Desire aka 泡沫之夏
Xia Mo (Barbie Hsu) and Luo Xi (Huang Xiao Ming) were both orphans adopted by the same family. Their closeness made Ou Chen (Peter Ho), Xia Mo's rich boyfriend, increasingly jealous. He forced their separation by sending Luo Xi to study abroad. However, his overbearing behavior only pushed Xia Mo to breakup with him. Heartbroken, he got into a car accident and lost his memory. Five years later, Luo Xi returns as a super star. He reunites with Xia Mo and helps her succeed in the show biz. Just when their relationship seems rosy, it begins to crumple as Ou Chen regains his memory and does everything he can to get Xia Mo back.

Rate : 7/10 * tis drama is really not bad. the story line and everything. pretty nice. so why dont u give it a try or mayb watch the trailer? the reason why i watch tis is all cos of the trailer. *peace*

to watch tis drama :Summer's Desire

Calling For Love aka 呼叫大明星

Bo Ye (Mike He) is a reluctant big star who entered the entertainment industry to support his family. Now that he has earned enough money and his contract about to end, he happily starts planning for the next stage of his life. Around the same time, unfortunate financial downturn struck his agent, his sister and his best friend. Feeling obligated to help them he contemplates on renewing his contract. Totally depressed by this thought, he buys a lotto ticket hoping that he can win the big one and save him from this dilemma. As luck would have it, he wins the jackpot but loses the ticket before he can cash it. Now he is chasing after a taxi driver, De Xing (Charlene Choi), all over town in order to get it back.

Rate : 5/10 * in my own opinion, tis drama is really so so only. idk why mayb cos of the way charlene choi speaks in mandarin? i just watch it for fun due to too boring d!* u can give it a try?

to watch tis drama :Calling For Love

and now... KOREAN DRAMAS..

Playful Kiss aka Mischievous Kiss

Playful Kiss is the Korean remake of the Taiwanese drama It Started With a Kiss (sequel They Kiss Again), which in turn, is based on the Japanese manga Itazura na Kiss (イタズラなKiss) by mangaka Kaoru Tada.

A high school girl named Oh Ha Ni(Jung So Min) who is in the bottom of her class has had a crush on popular and genius male student named Baek Seung-jo(Kim Hyun Joong) ever since she saw him on the first day of high school. Ha Ni decides to confess through a letter, but is rejected by Seung-Jo, who tells her that he hates stupid girls. Fate intervenes when a mild earthquake ruins Ha Ni's family's new house. While the house gets rebuilt, Ha Ni and her dad(Kang Nam Gil) stay at the home of her dad's childhood friend, who happens to be Seung-Jo's father. Now the two must live together and fun and chaos occurs as Ha Ni tries to win Seung-Jo's heart.

Rate : 7/10 * a funny drama? i think its really so much better than the taiwan's version? and now tis drama is one of the hottest korean drama.. try it out! *

to watch tis drama :Playful Kiss

You're Beautiful aka He's Beautiful

Mi Nyu (Park Shin Hye) is a sister-in-training. Her twin brother Go Mi Nam successfully auditions for the musical band A.N.JELL but is forced to leave for the United States to correct a botched plastic surgery. Mi Nyu is approached by Mi Nam's manager to pose as Mi Nam while he recovers. She is against it at first but agrees in order to fulfill her dream of finding their mother. Now, posing as Mi Nam, Mi Nyu enters the group A.N.JELL and meets its members: Hwang Tae Kyung (Jang Geun Suk), Kang Shin Woo (Jung Yong Hwa) and Jeremy (Lee HongKi). Tae Kyung and Mi Nam have a rough start as band members. In the very first episode, Kang Shin Woo discovers that Mi Nam is a girl, but he keeps quiet because he is curious about what might happen. He discreetly helps her keep the secret and nobody realizes that he knows her true gender. Soon after that, due to an incident, Tae Kyung also discovers that Mi Nam is a girl, and confronts her about it. He actively takes on the responsibility of protecting her real identity from others (partly due to Mi Nam's manager begging him), which brings him and Mi Nam closer together. Slowly all the band members - Shin Woo, Tae Kyung and Jeremy - fall in love with Mi Nam(although Jeremy tries hard to deny it because he thinks Mi Nam is a guy). Eventually, Mi Nam admits her gender to the entire band, and they all help keep her identity secret until her brother arrives from the USA. The series ends when Mi Nam, as her real girl self, finally gets together with Tae Kyung.

Rate : 8/10 *OMG! i simply love tis drama. its so funny. the story line is quite predictable lar but still it is worth watching it! highly recommended! * watch it NOW!

to watch tis drama :You're beautiful

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm BACK! with more

Im back peeps! well exam's finally over and i can have my own sweet time surfing internet, doing whatever i want.. it was really 3 weeks of hell.. i couldnt get enough sleep, u know u have to burn the midnight oil. for 3 weeks.. it was like nearly 247 i was in my room only. u can hardly see my shadow.. ok not exaggerating lar. but at home 247 sit on the chair. at skul oso da same.. my back and neck is seriously aching like hell... but i hope i will score well lar.. cos i seriously work really hard tis time!! fyi, i screwed my addmaths. yea AGAIN! paper 1 was quite easy.. so i think cos of the dam paper 1, i got pretty confident.. so there goes my confidence, i totally screwed my paper 2. no joking. it was my first time in examination tat leave quite many blank pages.. which is all until half way of writing.. blank.. !! it was ridiculous..

now i cant do anything right? so i will just have the time of my life watching movies hanging out with mua frens and books! i bought 3 novels but i have no time to read it.. so i guess now is the best time to finish it all! OMG! i cant wait for it. 3 of it was best recommended by my frens. so i hope its gonna be real good stories! * the guardian by nicholas sparks, thanks for the memories and the book of tomorrow by cecelia ahern*

i just simply love nicholas sparks books! they will just make u shed tears as if u were watching the movie like the notebook and the last song! and cecelia ahern.. fantastic writer! remember the book/movie P.S I LOVE YOU? u gotta watch it..!
like i promised, sunway's outing pictures. not gonna elaborate tat much.. cos i got lots to say! not blogging for 3 weeks is so freaking boring.. and now im update like never before!
Outfit of the day
Denim from bazaar
Shoe from cotton shop
Kemmy's idea for posing!
"wat are u doing?"
tat sour?!
tiki's beef bacon cheese burger!
kemmy's jack daniel chicken and shrimp
mua's jack daniel chicken
desert.. choc mint oreo, mocha latte, tropical delight ♥

thats it! =)

and here is da pictures for the friday.. the day which we assume exam is over! the day we taught karuna how to bake..

we literally finished the whole dam fattening bar of choc!

showing off the jelly bean she ate!
i know it gross! but tats how we make shortbeard!

signing off.. ♥
yuki xoxo