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aloho peeps!! hmm.. let me count how many days i didnt blog d. 10 days~~ wow.. but i feel like ages didnt blog d. SORRY! because i was prettty lazy and busy to blog. but here i am now! *peace*

oh well, where shuld i begin with? i feel like there's a lot to blog bout. ?? let's see..... YEAH! i better post bout my outing wif my crazy frens on 101110. hahah november is stuck in between 10 and 10!

tis outing is pretty memorable! like usual 4 of us (kemmy, tiki, steph & moi) elisa didnt join us! wat a bad girl! i know.. hahahaha.. sorry lar if im being a lil crazy? cos i do feel good today!

we had NANDO for our lunch. god im addicted to nando's thanks to kemmy! for starters we had garlic breads. hmm ntg special but still love it! and then main course... tadaaaaaa!!!!~ all of us chose hot peri-peri. YUMMY!
after lunch, i actually thought tat we will be heading for karaoke session! but time was a problem for kemmy. so yeahhh disappointed! and i forgot who said wanna get ear piercing d. it was pretty shocking. 3 of them got pierced but not me. now think of it, kinda regret it larrr! with her expression, i say no to piercing d!

tiki's piercing was pretty scary and it looked so dam painful. idk wat went wrong wif da gun but it was stucked in her ear and it seemed to be tat it wasnt fully pierced! DAMN right! goose bump all over my body!
she claimed tat her piercing isnt painful at all and want more! but we said NO! LIESE!!
piercing done. window shopping. nahh ntg to see oso! and so we headed to starbucks! and its kemmy's treat! lalalalala~~ we had choc cream chip. OMG! it was the first time in my life tat i had starbucks blended like ice kacang!.... u cant taste the chips. but u get to taste plenty of ice!!

signing off now,
yawns! its late.. gotta sleep.

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