Monday, December 27, 2010

the ABC

hey yo bloggers... i would like to update my blog before i go to jb for few days.. teehee~ hmmi wanna skip my school post first as it is very very very long.. so tis is the post bout meeting wif my bestie tat i have not seen in a year? tadaaaaa~~~ beatrice! xoxoxo
we used to be called as the ABC for A for Amanda B for Beatrice and C for Chin! hehehe.. nice leh.. =))
Outfit Of The Day
Dress from Bangkok
A belt as accessoriesssssss
hehe but before we headed for lunch, hehe manda and I went to REDBOX for karaoke session first.. im dying to sing wif her..
and lunch at kenny roger.. i had to say tat the food they serve is still delicious.. but service... nononono...!
nono it's not finger licking good.. but fork licking good!
i did have one picture like them.. but i looked like a pig starved for weeks! A NO for showing! =X
J.CO yogurt is .. seriously fallen in love wif it!
now is spoon licking!
ok.. that's all..
will be updating again !

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Euniceee said...

oh yea.. i love Jco yogurt....!!!!!!!!!!