Wednesday, June 24, 2009


amanda just told me tat there's is one repulsive girl who actually said she is very cheap.. come on lar.. u are the one who is so dam cheap yet u say she is cheap.. u are so unrefined. give it a rest bitch. playing around wif more than 6 boys and u are not eligible to say she is cheap ok..


h1n1 is getting worse nowadays.. im worried bout my mum,bro cousin & aunt. recently my cousin, celine skul smk damansara utama has one student was infected by tis virus. thanks to her went to australia for vacation and was infected. luckily my cousin wasnt same class wif her.. she just went for a body check up ytd and will know the result tis fri.. may god bless her not infected..

apparently, the gov has not planned to shut down the skul but only classes. they said they doesnt want unnecessary alarm. here, i can honestly voice up to those who went overseas during hols.. i mean they knew the countries had tis virus and yet they still simply wanna go for a vacation..

bout my mum, she work at mv.. kl.. and FnB line.. u cant wear mask. if u wear mask, who is gonna go to ur restaurant and eat? and she need to face hundreds of ppl a day.. im worried bout michelle and kenneth oso. there's one skul at cheras ,the student were checked and had positive virus.

im not feeling so gud rite now.. today wbs period i juz scolded siau yean. rite now assunta 1 and 2 are infected wif h1n1 and yet she still insist wanna go pay a visit to her fren.. i know it sk and smk are not in da same area.. but as her fren, i would not like to see her got infected by tis virus lor. i mean.. she know there's a shit on the floor and yet she still stepping it.. tat is wat make me unhappy. she can pay a visit later.. i mean wats more important than her health?? tis virus could kill u. i knew u dun feel gud after i scold u.. so am i. who will feel gud after scolding someone?? rite now i hope she understand wat im trying to say.. i doesnt mean to scold her.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

im tagged x)

1. The person who tagged you?

2. Your relationship with him/her is?
hahas. secret * evil grins*

3. Your first impression with him/her is?
too much to say..

4.The most memorable moments with him/her is?
ermm. no idea??

5. The most memorable things he/she has said to you?
errr... cant rmb leh..

6. If he/she became your lover, what should he/she improve that?
hahas. though its impossible.. hmm.. knowing each other more ba

7. If he/she becomes your enemy, what will you do?
talks wif him.. find out the prob??

8. If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be?
such a lame question man

9. The most desired things you want to do for him/her is?
lols.. no idea.

10.Your overall impression on him/her is?
crazy funny outgoing

12. The characteristic you hate most about yourself?
lazy ba =(

13. The most ideal person you want to be is?
myself ?? lols

14. For people who care and love you, say something to them.
i love u guys too~~ peace >0

15. Pass this quiz to 10 people who you want to know how they feel about you

1. amanda
2. gan
3. kiiro
4. cyrus
5. kenneth
6. elisa
7. cynthia
8. matthew
9. eric
10. christina

16. Who is 6 having a relationship with?
- no one..

17. Is 9 a male or a female?
- lame. male

18. What is 2 studying at the moment?
- mana lah i tau

19. Who was the last person you had a chat with?
-siau yean

20. What kind of music does 8 like?
-ehh.. dunno mayb sentimental??

21. Does 1 have any siblings?
- brother

22. Is 4 single?
- yea

23. What is the surname of 5?

24. What is the hobby of 3?
- hahas. dunno leh.. sorry kar hin >.<

25. Do 7 and 9 get along well?
- i dun think so they know each other

26. Where is 10 studying at?
- my class

27. Say something casual about your eyes?

28. Have you tried developing feelings for 2?
-lols. err... err... dunno

29. Where does 9 live?

30. What colour does 4 like?
-eh eh.. no idea

31. Are 5 and 1 good friends?
- ohh. i dun think they know each other well

32. Does 2 like 7?
-erm.. dun think so ba..

33. How did you get to know 8?
-through my fren

34. Does 3 have any pets?

35. Is 7 sexiest person is the world?
- it depends

36. Are you sexy?
- lols. dunno leh ><

37. What am i doing now?
- tagging lar