Monday, December 15, 2008



<3 may all your dreams come true...
<3 all the best for you~~
<3 hope wat u wan u can get it!!
<3 bestie forever
<3 stay mature kays =)
<3 rock on..

freaking busy..

everyone do syas tat holiday is to relax.. but now things changes.. last time when i was a lil kid,i used to thought holiday is da bestest thing in my life.. yeah.. it does.. but rite now.. grown up.. holiday is my working time.. and im same wif elisa too.. alwiz fong fei kei.. well.. juz so sorry lar to SIAU YEAN,AMANDA & ELISA.. i broke my promise.. cos my mum man's power x cukup.. so i hav no choice.. and help her lor.. and guys. i oso have no time to go shopping.. now is 16 DEC d.. and all my clothes... is flying away as time passes.. so sum tong..

&today while working.. there's a group.. 2 girls 2 boys.. came and ate... tis customer says sumthg which embarassed herself and make me feel she so low levell.. she was.. how come they didnt give us soup spoon to drink the soup.. i really wanted to laugh at her but i didnt do it lar.. thn her fren told her we dun use spoon to drink.. its japanese sytle.. thn she pulak say sushi king got give leh.. her guy fren straightly say sushi king is different lar.. i was like hello.. are u trying to compare tis shop wif sushi king.. sushi king is more to modern sytle.. but tis shop is traditional.. aiks aiks aiks..

& finish work d.. bro gf bought my mum and bro burger from carls jr. i didnt ate da burger but i ate da french fries... my god.. tell u wat.. those who really know me i dun really eat french fries especially mc one cos i hate da smelll... makes me feel dizzy nor feeling like wanna throw out.. but tis carls jr. fries was total diff.. mayb cos da price oso very diff.. and there written naturally cut and so.. im loving it.. tis is my very first time fall in love wif this fries... super duper tasty...and they give us da chilli sauce.. combine together.. perfect!!

&im kinda looking forward for 2moro.. cos mich might be coming to my house and stay for one night.. and wed might be going to shopping.. hopefully she can come to my house lar..

tats all for today..

Thursday, December 4, 2008

hi guys.. do u miss me? it's been a long time i didn't post. well,as u know i'm busy working. i couldn't help it cos if i dun work. my mum gonna be unhappy and i'm gonna feel freaking bored staying at home facing my comp for 24 hours. and it's bad for my eyes too. seriously,i guess i'm gonna wear specs soon.. very soon. but my mum juz couldn.t accept tat i need to wear spec..
[me and mich]
last sunday,i told my mum tat i'll be going to my aunt house for 2 days. cos he husband got a god dinner which i attended every year. so this year i'm not gonna miss it. so i hav 2 days off. spend tis 2 days at my aunt house playing mahjong. i went to my aunt house at sunday night. and the dinner was at monday nite. seriously. i'd been sleeping 5/6/7 am everyday.. so last sunday i slept at 2. and i felt gosh.. it was so early.. i can't sleep. thn finally 2.30 i can sleep. but i only sleep for 1 and half hours. i woke up at 4am. and i lay on my couz bed and stay awake till 6am. and guess wat. i can't sleep and my couz and i went to the living room and watched tv. about 11 we decided to play mahjong. and it was fun. we play and play dunno till wat time.. we kept all those stuff and took bath. went to temple. the temple was enormous. at 5pm, we sat on da table.. wait wait wait. da card written 7.30 sharp.. but thn 8.30 only the dinner start.. i was freaking tired sleepy and hungry.. did u guys noticed monday there was a moon smiling. and the next dat i came out in the news paper. it says tat it will only appears 5 years once. so we was lucky. let me show u the picha.the other star on the right hand side coulnt see it in this picha. but it was really very special. everyone was taking picha. we reached home at around 12 am i guess. mich ken me took our bath and sleep.. very early..tuesday,woke up at 1pm. and play mahjong for 4 hours. and guess wat.. i lose around 10 to 15 bucks i guess. when we are going to end it.. i won 10 bucks and lose 6 bucks. aiks.. ups and downs. nite.. after dinner 7 pm i sleep.. was tired. thn 8pm woke up.. and time to go home.. home sweet home.. reached home at 3am. watched 10 PROMISES TO MY DOG. it was a heart touching movie. i really strongly recommend u guys to watch it. and ready a box of tissue beside u.. i cried.. i realy cried lot while wtaching tis movie.. especially when the dog was going to die.. my tears washed my face.. finally end up sleep at 7am.
well,tats all i wanna tell u guys. will be hanging out wif gie eng tis dec 16. farewell party for her. as she is going to singapore to study. less chances to see her. another gud fren leaving.. and in da same day,i'll be attending elisa burfday party too. elisa,i try my best to go to ur party earlier k.
loves yuki,

Thursday, November 27, 2008

5 days together..

last sunday.. was my cousin wedding ceremony.. so we need to become ji-muii. woke up at 8. reach her house at 9.30. thn we start to make sumthg for her husband to drink. 4 variety of drinks. sweet sour bitter and spicy.. for sweet we used sugar + water. ntg special sour we used lime and we add sumchinese tea in it. bitter we used bittergroud. and spicy we blend ginger + garlic.
though not really fun but still enjoy it!! there are only 4 ji-muii and 4 heng-taii.. where got fun rite. but bo bian lar... da games still need to go on.

the next day (monday) was her wedding dinner.. not much picha i took.. and quite boring.. ntg much happen oso.. usually dinner oso eat drink eat drink only.. thn time to say byebye. tats all..

tuesday.. went to shopping wif my couz mi-chelle. watched quantum of solace... quite nice but still i guess the director arrangement was not so gud cos it was quite confused.. but luckily i can understand it.. after movie went to gaming centre.. play gun games dunno wat times... II d. thn play percussion master. lastly my bro ask me to play midnight .... 3. racing car.. quite nice. haha.. very excited while playing it.. sweating.. i challenge 2 small kids haha.. big bully small.. at last i won for 2 times. but thanks to my bro for helping me.. ohh leftout.. be4 we watch movie we ate dessert at sweet chat.. variety of choices.. i ate durian cendol.. hmm the combination was not really satisfied.. mayb cos of da durian is bitter while da cendol is sweet. mi-chelle ordered a chilled pulut hitam wif durian.. which is uite nice but i guess its a lil too sweet.. after dessert we shop for awhile.. mi-chelle bought a short black hot pant.. and me.. ntg. hehe..

wednesday.. went to work and leave mi-chelle alone at house .. i guess she spend her whole day surfing internet.. and she even help me dl songs. tq ya. =) well ntg speciall. juz i didnt become waitress due to my maid still washing my uniform.. no choices.. work in da kitchen lor. but i have fun~~

thursday which mean today. reached mv at 4 pm. i asked kakak liza to help me buy ticket for twilight cos since u know.. it was their first day.. 27 Nov. for sure fully booked in internet.. so da only choice is buy da ticket earlier.. safety first!! mana tau went i reached mv i asked her where's da ticket she told me tat she forgotten.. i was like shit man!! but haha.. we are lucky enough.. we are destined to watch tis movie today.. im juz so excited and once i got da ticket.. guess im jumping or screaming in front of da ticket counter.. haha.. im so happy =) while watching da movie.. im so enjoyed.. mayb im addicted to twilight.. mi-chelle said tat it was quite boring.. but mayb addicted makes me feel NO.. it was a nice movie.. but haiz.. malaysia malaysia.. since there written 13 years old above only can see... why u cut da kissing part and i guess they cut sum other part too.. i wanna know how they kissed and why tat guy jump away from her and said i can control myself.. urghh!! its so frustrating they cut it man =/ and i was wondering why bella asked edward to suck her blood so she can become a vampire and live together forever.. tats not wat i wan.. mayb wat mi-chelle said is rite. mayb edward afraid tat bella will suck human blood instead of sucking animal blood(vegetarian) hopefully there's twilight II. and aww.. im addicted to tis movie.. and i love bella and edward but i dun think edward is hansem.. since everyone says tat he is goreous hansem.. leftout again.. i met elisa at mv.. sadly,she and her sis watch madagascar.. haiz.. sorry ya elisa.. i was quite busy or mayb i dunno wat to do.. i need to talk wif my couz and i need to talk to u... and if i talk to u im afraid tat she feel lonely.. haiz.. im a middle person.. I wanna watch twilight again...~~~~

and guess i will upload da picha asap. cos u know wat im blogging rite now at nearly 8am. gotta sleep now.. juz finish watch one litre of tears.. sad drama.. u juz shuld watch it too.. bet u wont regret..

yuki =)

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's been a time i didnt post d. well.. at here im gonna tell u guys tat im gonna change the way i write.. i gonna write it in an essay.
Dunno wat to say oso.. Im kinda busy lately.. or can say tis holiday.. Im busy working. Guess im gonna post either tis sunday or monday.. due to my couz wedding..
so u guys can check out da picha.. or me,i sure will tell u guys wat happen.. so dun go anywhere.. Bubui guys. xoxo.

Monday, November 10, 2008


stands for amanda,beatrice,chin,elisa,matthew & tuck seng.
manda matt justin?? beatrice
justin matt me elisa =)
matt me tucky =)
justin matt me >0
miracle happen. elisa is taller than matt xp
james and manda =)
me james and elisa >o
elisa matt me!!

haha. copy matt. wokkayys..
i didnt upload all.
cos sum matt didnt put in fs.
so will upload soon gua.
>0 peace

last day~~

today last day skul lor.
juz make it short ba.
lazy wanna type so long
i know i alwiz post oso very lor.
but bo bian lar..
wanna let it be more details ma.. =)
so today we gamble in class.
black jack..
everyone oso 20 cents..
be4 we play balck jack..
we play choh tai d..
but thn didnt gamble lar..
juz for fun..
i was kinda luvky today..
5 cards 5 cards twice oso didnt bom cak cak.. =)
but leh..
after siau yean change da direction..
she gib card start from left hand side..
my luck gib to dunno who jor..
u are lucky dude..
till half..
dunno why after recess siau yean cried..
she doesnt wanna tell me..
so i oso dun wan to ask lor..
today last day of skul not so fun lor.
i expect our class very noisy and fun de..
but thn ..
still enjoy it~~
see u guys next years 2F..
gudbye 2F..
soon gonna say gudbye 2008..
2moro form 5 SPM lur.
hopefully everything turns out great for aaron,matthew,tuck seng,adrian,david,fariq,sarah erina, juz all my form 5 frens..
all da best ya..
hope everyhting goes smoothly~~ =)
i will pray for u guys...
score well ya..
and time to say gudbye..
bye guys =(
its hard to say gudbye to u all..
u guys rock!!
hopefully can hang out wif u guys soon..
today was my last day seeing matthew...
nearly cry today
saying gudbye is so so bad =( TT
so x sampai hati lar..
haiz.. wat to do ler..
still need to say gudbye !!

tats all for today
heartbreaking yuki,
xoxo, love u guys..

Friday, November 7, 2008

im FREE d.. lalalalalala~~~

finally finally..
exam end d...
so freedom now..
can play comp everyday jor..
but leh..
might be after today or monday..
i wont get a chance to see my form 5 frens anymore..
like tucky,matthew and others..
feel so heart breaking.
luckily i didnt cry while im celebrating farewell wif tucky and matt
actually cant say celebrate oso lor.
juz took sum picha wif them..
gonna miss u guys!!
all da best for all of u~~
may all ur dreams come true!!
hope tucky can become a super model and matt ar.. didnt know wat is ur occupation leh.. psps
so sad lar..
cant see u guys d..
hopefully we can hang out soon lurr.
today i brought my cellphone to skul..
and leh so many ppl says got spot-check cos they say they saw many ppl bring hp..
most of them says 80% got..
first first leh i kinda scare..
but leh think think think
mayb they juz wanna scare us..
who knows rite??
from today i finally know da real chun yip jor lor..
he is those guy hav 2 faces de..
in class ar act like very nice de.,.
talk wif us oso very nice de..
but leh.. when he is out of da class.
like wanna act high class or disipline only lor..
today after taking picha wif matt and tucky i become kinda bad mood..
mayb cos of da weather too hot or anything..
today while exam he told me to take da resign paper from him..
so recess time i went to canteen and find him lor..
lcly at there..
i asked him chun yip,where's da paper.. he say wat paper.. so i say de resign wan lar.. thn he like so chuan cant u see im eating and kuad me summore..
u are lucky i didnt hav anything on my hand..
if not i gonna throw it at ur face..
u are lucky enough i didnt smack ur face..
feel like saying so fat d still wanna eat ar.. later become sumo thn u know ar..
then recess time kai sin told me tat she saw en.cheah gave chun yip 4 plastic bags..
i was like wat da...
really ar..
so scare lorr..
then me and kemmy kept on thinking where shuld we hide our hp..
till half saw way jay yau men they all..
then all of us struggling we to hide..
thn da preisuddan very dumb de wor..
he asked me whether i got bring hp or not in front hp..
i was like are u blind or wat??
finally we choose to gave our cellphone to da worker at canteen..
i guess there are 6 or 7 hp kept by da worker..
after we gave da hp to da worker..
we saw pn lim standing at second floor looking at us running out from da canteen..
i was like shit lor tis time..
our hp sure habis jor lor..
back to class d..
start to pray..
thn kai sin ask me wat im doing..
pray lor..
she look so clam lor..
she say u really so scare meh..
i admit im kinda scare..
cos if i lost my hp..
my bro or mum or dad ar not gonna buy me a new one
if my hp are taken by teahcer still ok.. my dad wont scold
but if they keep it for half year..
thn jialak lor..
after skul went to canteen and take our cellphone..
hm.. tis kakak really gud lor..
she look kinda diff after she took off her tudung..
i nearly cant recognize her..
finally got back my hp..
so happy..
tats all for today..
going to prefect party tomorrow..
hoefully its fun..
gonna take lot of picha..
and ATTN pls.. chin poh kien finally resigned..
and im a normal student d..
hope normal student life is great..
hoping there's no changes next year..
ABC group still maintain..
or mayb ABCD... really finding a D girl to join our group..
and regarding bout da picha i taken today wif elisa,manda,beatrice,matt tucky will upload it soon~~
cos matt didnt send me da picha..


Thursday, November 6, 2008

happy bd matthew

da burfday boy~~
wishes from me to you : x] all da best for you ya. old one year jor. haha. hope u get all A for ur SPM. I will miss u~~.. (as a fren kays) haiz.. sad lar weih u tucky they all are leaving. Aiz.. TT luckily sat still can take picha wif u and james they all. May all ur dream come true ya. :]

Monday, October 27, 2008

shop wif jane~~ memories wif dar~~

such a long time didnt post d.
da last time i post was 19 oct..
counting down my exam..
3 days left...
and it's killing me..
went to mv ytd wif my dar.. jane.
her dad pick me up at 12.
thn we went to oug and eat vegetarian..
long time didnt eat jor lor..
kinda nice...
after lunch.. go mv lor..
reach mv d..
me and jane go to mid valley megamall..
jane's sis and her dad shop at the garden..
da first thing we did was go to 3rd floor and we wanted to watch hsm3..
mana tau..
those ppl gila de lor..
such a long q...
till mcdonald there...
i was like wat da.. thn i told jane.. no need to watch d lar..
we spend bout 2 hours shopping..
thn went to delifarnce yum cha..
although its very expensive..
but we enjoy it~~
i ordered a iced coffee latte and jane ordered a iced coffee cappucino..
for me da latte okok only lor..
thn we start to take picha..
thn i was kinda gila gila..
i asked her to speak english.. in order to improve her english..
i oso lor..
chit-chat chat...
i asked her whether she wanna eat dessert or not..
thn she say up to me..
so i ordered a delifrance banana split..
okok ler..
but i think its kinda sweet mayb cos of da choc and strawberry sauce..
take picha again..
thn chit-chat again.. until half..
they changed cd
it was all disney love song..
of my..
so nice..
very relaxing...
jane and i even asked da waitress to turn on da music louder..
sit at delifrance from 3 to 6.30..
3 1/2 hours..
so me and jane decided to pay da bill and go to 3rd floor see whether we still got hope to watch movie..
mana tau..till half way..
guess wat..
i saw justin..
erm vivian's bf..
thn at 3rd floor there..
cinema there.. and guess wat..
i saw james choong..
he was sitting on da floor..
so unbelievable..
thn i shout james..
thn he look at me..
i think he was kinda shock too..
and i say hi...
tell u sumthg..
i shop at mv for so so long d ar..
never met my fren at mv be4..
thn q up to buy ticket..
kinda scare hsm3 ticket all sold out d..
when im q-ing up..
i pray..
i tell god.. pls pls pls.. do hav tickets for both of us..
mana tau..
really got oo..
so happy leh..
its da forth roll summore leh..
while watching troy and gabriella seperate..
i cried..
dunno why...
feel so sad..
when tis movie finish d.
i told jane i cried..
thn she say i sot..
after movie..
went to kiku zakura and eat dinner...
took sum picha inside da tatami room
and ate ice-cream.. new ice cream.
thn didnt study inside da room oso..
keep on chit-chat..
jane told me bout last time..
be4 i join her group.. (yean,jane,stephanie tan,prasanna & gie eng)
thn many funny things..
tats all for ytd.
here is da picha :-
me and jane
its me~~
lookign at da picha....
me and her.
i like tis..
delifrance banana split.
its jane wif da dessert..
i like tis~~~
cherry cherry!!
looking at sumthg??
thinking of sumthg??
hsm3 tickets.. lalala... finally got da chance to watch it~~
me and jane again~~
i think jane looks sexy.. her legs..
i like tis picha so much..
peace >0
me wif fake bamboo?
my tanuki udon..
my fav. iso abe age. inside got prawn,carrot,spring onions and crab stick..
jane rainbow maki.. my
fav too~~
jane tsukimi udon.. my fav too but i prefer soba for tis..
kiku zakura new ice cream~~ nice~~
cornflakes,vanila ice cream,choc sauce,zenzai,black sesame ice cream,cornflakes,raisin,green tea ice cream,cornflakes,cream~~

thanks for reading~~
have a nice day!!

memories yuki,