Monday, October 19, 2009

my latest update peeps!!

okok since my frens been rushing me to update.. haha so i juz update sumthg lor. well tis time my hols will only be 24 hours working. due to my shop really needed manpower, so i hav the responsibility to work. but dun worry i still hav time to go out wif u guys. mayb early tea? lols.

sumtg nice here. one of my dogs juz gave birth ytd. 3 girls 1 boy. it was an acident tat tis lil doggy is pregnant. i dunno how she get pregnant. but to me its sumthg which are terrible. my house hav 12 dogs if u believe. and now another 4 dogs. hell no man. im gonna give them away though its really bad. but i think tat we cant keep them anymore. or else it will be a dog's house. and i will be selling tickets for ppl to hav a look at my dogs. cant imagine it..

sales sales. while walking around at mid valley. saw banner in every shop 50% to 70%. my hand is really itchy rite now. but i seriously need to stand the itchiness. i wanna save more money and end year sales. im gonna use them up.. ALL...muahaha. if i can lar...

my puppies pictures will be uploading soon.. so stay tuned.. lols

love ,yuki