Friday, May 22, 2009

memorize x3

sc.. tis monday.. and driving me crazy.. juz read chapert 1 f2.. wanna die d.. so much to memorize.. chapter 2 nutrition.. shit!! even more to memorize.. tis time exam felt like memorizing everything only.. teacher.. u are bad.. and im freaking lazy to read rite now.. wat shuld i do??

Monday, May 18, 2009

my day

my day once a year juz passed 2 days ago. and so its passed away juz like wind. so many ppl actually wished me. and if u are reading. and if u sent me sms on tat day, i apologize to u. cos i didnt reply u guys. as u know, my hp bo lui..

test is da day after 2moro. oh well, finally i done my geo folio.. one more folio to go. which is da most complicated and confusing folio... ever.. and i dunno single thing bout it.. great..

couldnt write more..
in hurry,
so ciao guys

Thursday, May 14, 2009

where shuld i begin????????

rite now.. there's only one thing i wanted to do. CRY. mid- year exam is really tearing me apart. seriously. i dunno where how to start my revision. i really wanted to cry. im so regret for delaying it till left one week only start my revision. science 8 chapter. maths i seriously dun wanna talk bout it. geo guess im still ok with it except FOR F 1 n 2. sj dun wanna talk bout it either.

guess im seriously gonna fail all my subjects. im doom x( i juz finished 2 bab for f3 sj. when i open my science book. i wanna cry d. i got so many stuff to do... geo and sj folio, mum's paper work, exam revision. somebody help me pls TT da skul crazy de ar.. exam so many cum out. shit u!! ugh!!!!

and yet im wasting my time blogging.. im afraid my brain gonna explode soon!!!!!!