Saturday, September 18, 2010

all in 1

Bazaar @ Bangsar.. woke up early in the morning and hmm... here i come bazaar.. i was in a gud mood. hoping to get something nice and cheap.. well nothing much actually. i will juz show ya wat i bought.
but i gave one of the top to manda.. see im so gud! hahas.. cheh wah.. x) but in da same time, my bro bought me a casio watch as well. but its GOLD! fyi, i cut my hair! to ..... shoulder length.. i wanted to try bob. but im afraid it wont suits me as my face is kinda big.. so for safety, i tried shoulder length first.. pls tell me if it suits me or not? cos i kinda like it too! =D some of my fren said its kinda rocker and mature! and i like rocker style too.. mayb like taylor monsem or kristen stewart or mayb hayley william stuff too..
so how do i look? it suits me or not?
okay! on tat day.. dunno when d. me and elisa went to ioi and watch step up 3. da movie rocks baby! u gotta watch it... and we went to kimchi haru. ok i gotta tell ya. im not really someone who loves korean food. and after eating at kimchi haru, i got a lil phobia d. i called a fried kimuchi rice. and it is so freaking spicy. hahs in the end i exchange wif elisa. i ate her cheese rice cake.. gotta admit tat it is cheesy and fat but in da same time it is nice. so fat + nice. u juz couldnt resist right?
a closer look to my short hair!




i took all the cheese away! hahs eeeeee! cheese go away!

its freaking spicy!!!!

so long or short?

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