Saturday, February 28, 2009

new moon

i borrowed a book from manda. named new moon. the second book after twilight. i was actually waiting for this movie to be released. but i cant wait. so i decided to read the story first while waiting for it. i juz start reading it ytd. first few chapter was awesome. i can feel tat the writer was really in to the story.. she describe everything so clearly.

im actually over addicted to it ~~ ytd nite,i continue reading.. and there's one chapter called THE END. tis chapter actually talking bout the end of edward and bella. and the most stupid things happen was im crying.. can u belive it? it was so odd?? i actually cant believe it too. i know it sounds ridiculous.. seriously,tis was my first time so into the stories and i even cried while im reading it..

tis chapter was talking about edward is leaving. he is tired of acting. he is a vampire but in order to be with bella,he tired to act like a human. kinda hard wanna tell u guys beside u read it. the writer really make it become like in reality. im impressed. but now after they seperate, juz like wat he said as like i'd never existed. kinda boring d. mayb no more stories.

though boring,i will still continue reading cos i know edward will be back. and im planning to finish tis asap and read the third book,eclipse. where bella become a vampire~~ things gonna heat up~~

much loves,
yuki <3

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


today sum ridiculous stuff happened to me.. oh yea. to the biatch.. dun act like u're so perfect bitch.. u're juz another girl wif a stupid ego lust bitchy attitude. oh yea.. u might flirt teachers heart and make them feels aww... she is a gud lil cute girl~~ ill.. can anyone hand me a paperbag?? cos i feel like vomitting!! == and SHIT U!! i really wanna slap u!! who can make my dream come true??

im feeling pretty gud rite now.. mayb cos i confessed wat i kept in my heart~~ gosh.. she is juz so ridiculous.. ans best of all.. she is a liar!!!

and babe. who wanna buy baju kurung?? join me cos im going to wear baju kurung all the time *if i can*

i hearts tuition rite now.. but only for geo and bm.. i hearts en.kahak.. and i enjoy his class so dam much.. he is a guy who can joke around.. and yea i admit i was a lil bit too ham-sap during bm and geo.. haha. no doubt. cant help myself. having so much fun babeh!!

im enjoying~~
much loves,
yuki x)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

ytd went for tution at 3pm. and knwing da concert elisa attending was da concert tat organised by my fren's church.. through d roof. so regret!! shuld hav go.. by tat time i know.. it was kinda late.. cos i need to accompany my mum to work. yet in da same time.. i wanted to go wif elisa.. mum and concert.. which one shuld i choose?? of course mum lor.. so i choose to accompany my mum.. reached home. my mum asked me no need to revision ar for ur test?? cos i said im going to accompany her to work. then im so dam regret.. shuld hav go lor.. if i ask her.. cos she didnt think of wanting me to accompany her..

and knowing tat merentas desa tat day.. almost half of our class member didnt turn up.. haha. it was quite cool~~ nahh.. who wanna go merentas desa..?? i rather stay at home and play bsb wif kemmy and elisa..

ytd morning. i suppose to wake up at 7.30 .. cos kemmy said 8 o'clock play bsb.. but then she sms me and said she will be a bit late.. so continue sleep lor.. sleep sleep till 8.30 only wake up.. and she called me and aksed to come out now.. i havent brush my teeth.. wash my face.. so gotta rush lor.. elisa more worse.. 8.45 still sleeping.. so called her to wake up lor..

i kinda had lot of fun~~ =) kemmy was like a teacher to us tat day.. she asked us to shot 5 times in every section.. exhausted dude!! so by tat time elisa turn up at bsb court.. im so exhausted d.. so play wif her jojo lor.. haha.. i took kemmy's hp and play sum disco song.. i saw his tail we dancing.. lols.. enjoying music huh..

noon,went to elisa house and we planned to cook spagz. then one auntie says she gonna teach us.. so we juz stay and watch lor.. delicious leh.. haha.. combined wif cheese 10/10

tats all babe

much loves,
yuki =)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

recently,heard tis guy songs. not bad. his english. not bad.
His Profile

Caprice is one of Malaysia’s fastest rising urban youth icon, who’s not only just an artist, but an entrepreneur. At only 21 years of age, Caprice has achieved what many thought was initially impossible. Having worked with established artists and now being surrounded by corporate entities, Caprice has learned the ropes of the industry in terms of music, videos, and the business aspects. Mid-2007, Caprice set up his own record label and production house (Its Caprice Productions Sdn. Bhd.), and over the course of just a few months, have recorded a few singles, shot 2 music videos, and released two songs that became no.1 hits on Having everything to gain, and nothing to lose, driven by passion for music and change, Caprice is set to bring something fresh and innovative to the industry.

he got 3 single rite now. Dem' Grils, Leng Lui & Fantasy Girl.
songs i bold is da song i recommend to u. leng lui not really nice.. but my fav is fantasy girl =)
hear it and enjoy it. =)

Fantasy Girl - Caprice ft. LM

my valentine sucks.

valentine valentine.. talking bout valentine.. tis year valentine sucks man!! screw up!! i was having a bad mood on valentine day.. gud sign huh.. luckily my girl-friend was wif me celebrating valentine. muacks. love u so much see shi. thanks.. it was juz me and her on valentines day.. went to oldtown wif her.. both of us drank 2 cup of white milk tea my fav drink~~ chit-chat a lot of stuff.. cant stop laughing x) 3 o'clock go to tuition. 5 went back home.. i wasnt feeling so gud when i reached home. a lil bit dizzy mayb caused by the hot weather. and yet my mum asked me to go to work.. gosh.. my head straightly burned.. and wat to do.. valentine's day.. everyone knows it gonna be a crazy day.. so cant help but help her.
reached mv. wow.. long q outside kiku zakura.. was so happy to see tat.. starighlt changed my uniform and work work work.. from 7pm till 12am. non-stop.. customers juz keep on coming in.. and out.. foods were juz non-stop on my hand.. door closed at 1.30am.. and kiku zakura was having sum prob.. need to be fixed.. and so guess wat time i reach home?? 6am early in the morning.. and im so feeling not well.. my nose.. urhh.. having a terrible flu.. and a lil headache.. my body juz became so weak out of sudden. cant really stand up straightly..

mayb i was juz too tired.. seriously,while im working.. i got no time to drink eat sit or rest at all.. cant feel the tiredness and everyhting. so sleep at 6.30am. didnt go to tuition at 9am. and cos of me elisa didnt go oso (so sorry my dear) sleep sleep and sleep.. didnt even take my lunch.. woke up at 7pm. so i sleep for 12 1/2 hours. crazy rite.. well. juz too tired. cant bear it.

woke up and took my dinner. watch NBA all star slam dunk and foot dunno wat d... and im loving it. and short guy won the slam dunk.. ya he deserve it.. he is short but strong and he can jump.. till now my body still weak.. dunno can go skul or not.. hopefully i can =)

to my girl-friend and family.. u will receive a choc from me.. hehe.. as a valentine present..

be4 leaving.. see me picha first x)
one empty cup was taken by the waiter.. so left 3 only.. by right.. have 4 cups.

hehe.. thanks for making my valentine day become so fun see shi.

much loves,

yuki <3

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Much loves, Yuki <3

Had a fun day~~

today after skul me elisa amanda beatrice jojo jay kiiro and xavier went to yum cha.. at first we were planning to play truth or dare. but in the end,we didnt play x) we were juz chit chatting..laughing like a crazy ppl and out of sudden manda was too excited talking bout booking a room at genting and ended accidently poured her teh tarik. and we were juz waiting for the time to pass.. till 2pm.

me beatrice manda and xavier were going back to skul to attend LEO. on the way to skul,we went to KK and bought 2 ice cream.. it was juz simply irrestistible.. and it even made me flashback to last year. elisa bought tis choco ice cream and on the way to trina's house we were juz seizing to eat it.. x]

reached skul d.. we still have to wait for half an hour.. it suppose to start at 2.30pm but they were late cos they went to pick up those roses.. all we can do was sit and chit-chat.. haha.. da funny part was xavier looks boring while we are talking bout outfits x)

3pm wrap roses.. ended at 4.30pm & guess wat beatrice and xavier didnt even wrap one rose. cos time's up and they have to go home.. so juz left me and manda. me and manda was juz too boring and took sum picha.. while waiting for elisa~~ hehe..

have a look~~ =)

me & her =)

converse girl~~

wild channel girl~~

Y & A x)she's feeling sick and i juz couldnt stop disturbing her x)

The End.

Best Regards,
Yuki =)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Paddington House Of Pancakes.

Last sunday i went to mid valley wif mi-chelle. She was actually hunting for sum white-t. Haha. too bad she couldnt find one.. & the purpose i go to mid valley was to go to the paddington house of pancakes.. ive been waiting for so long.. at last my dream came true.. first when we reached.. there was no ppl inside da restaurant.. my couz and i was kinda afraid sumthg might happen because their staff is those vietnam or indon doubt.. im going in.. bout 10 mins ppl starts to come in..

hmm.. i dun really rmb wat i ordered.. but wat mich ordered.. i couldnt forget bout it.. myab cos of its name.. TOKYO.. drumstick wif ham sauce and baked cheese.. yummy..
hehe. next picture.. my pancake..pancakes wif strawberries nuts vanilla ice cream and one small lil stuff.. which i dunno wats tat.. but it was so juz so addicted to tis restaurant.. will go there again.. 100% =) last but not least.. we ordered to cup of cappucino.. mich ordered hot and i ordered cold.. hers was quite unique. it has a love shape..

here is da picha... =)

me and my pan pan cake =p

me & mich =)

blek x)

us wif TOKYO x)
so greedy.. drink 2 cappucino xp

The End.

Yuki =)
xoxo muacks

Saturday, February 7, 2009

hehe.. im gonna upload my new picha today.. and i tried new hairstyle.. so gib sum comment.. it was kinda sort of makeover i guess?? haha.. juz a small lil makeover~~


so wat cha think?? before or after?? i think after lor.. haha.. =)

And last but not least,im gonna upload those picha tat i took wif see shi and elisa at neway.. girls day babe!!

this is da part i <3.A PLEASANT MEETING WITH AN OLD FRIEND. haha.. seriously i am really gonna meet my old fren very soon.. tis coming march.. she's in singapore rite now studying.. i miss u so much girl~~ hope its gonna be very pleasant.. =p

tats all for today..
yuki <3