Sunday, August 29, 2010


GUYS I'M BACK! I am so sorry to keep yall waiting for so long.. one week? It just that I've been really reallly lazy to blog and upload all the pictures I took! I guess 200++. Ya i know.. it's alot! nevermind.. i think i shall start wif da debate i had in school.. the followed by Kemmy's aka my DD sweet sixteen and then only the bitches date & Bazaar @ bangsar.
basically what i did at school is debate.. i'm not those PRO in englishh.. so debate was never meant to be for me. but after tat day debating in class, i found it quite intersting! you know, you get to scold ppl.. not to say scold lar.. mayb argue?? you juz get to say wateva u want as long as u got the point in you. and we were divided into 7 groups. each group need to randomly select a citizen.. so our teacher gave us 7 totally different personalities citizen ;
priest(not trustworthy person),
electrical engeneering(self-declared homosexual),
lawyer(dislike men & kids, abused when was young),
surgeon(failed surgery, someone killed),
architect(build a tower but collapsed),
scientist ( a sickness called ?? *think too much*) &
prostitue(was selled at the age of 10). .
GUESS WAT? we were so lucky.. we got electrical engineering! we are self-declared homosexual.. it was really fun and unforgettable.. they way we argued and bla bla bla.. i wanna to do it again so badly! and the topic is why is he/she eligible to go to MARS due to 2012 is on their way? hmm we had around 9 points.. i chose 3 points
- gay makes the world happy
- its 21st century, do not judge him cos he is gay.. without him u will be dead
- without him, he can fix and set any electrical equipment, thus scientist is useless after all without him!

i seriously wanna LOL! my frens said i nalied it.. i never thought i could do tis.. it juz sumthg like come out from my mouth.. and alyson said its da best statement ever! and its so epic woman!
What i have said..
" he is homosexual right? means he is gay right? and you know wat? gay makes the world happy"
"and come on lar ppl. its 21st century, u are not living in the "tarzan world" anymore, so please do not judge him cos he is gay and without him fixing electrical stuff, yall will be dead!"
OH MY GOSH!!! Woots! You rock it baby!
Karuna arguing with danzel..
alyson arguing wif chit sing
the arguement lasted quite long.. but to be continued! cos due to 1 hour arent enough! plus our bio teacher is waiting for us.. how i wish she is absent tat day.. *sobs* but anyway i love bio class too.. ms lim is so gud to us.. she is like our fren more then teacher! *laughs* and we were playing all the way in bio lab.. * winks*

i love DEE~

i love K too!


yuki xoxo

Thursday, August 19, 2010

6 in 1

hello peeps.. finally im back.. oh do you miss me? haha am so excited to be back.. i juz had 3 torturing days! and i cant wait to share wif u wat i've did in these days...

so lets get the story started!

friday after school went back home.. then few hours later went to pavilion shopping wif my bro gf and michelle. was planning to buy lots of stuff such as nike dunk,converse sneaker, and so on.. but in the end, the tummy is full but the hand is empty.. i cant get to buy any stuff.. either its too expensive or not worth it.. am happy oso lar.. cos i get to eat the harajuku japanese crepes~~ was so happy when i saw the shop!

and i ate banana + choc ice cream, michelle ate strawberry honey and sun ate banana choc
after that, we head back to mid valley.. sun went to work, mich and i went to walk around.. trying to buy sumthg.. finally we went to cotton on and i bought 2 shorts.. nahh i didnt take picha of it cos am wearing one of it now.. hehe dun be jealous lar.. haha its so freaking cheap.. 2 for 50.. so dam worth it.. mich bought one short and one top. then we was planning to watch movie.. went to gsc and saw the queve, hopeless d.. sure no more tickets left! in the end we tried our luck.. all the seat left not nice one.. =( and cos pavilion dun have converse, so we went to mid valley one.. da choice is so dam limited! in the end, da one i wan dun have my size!

i wan a sneaker like tis.. but i dun suits style like tis.. see how short my leg become after wearing it!heh.. da normal one is da one for me.. so ppl.. red or blue? i need ur opinions!

nothing to do.. decided to go delicious and chill at there.. the food is so freaking yummy and fresh.. especially the fish burger i ordered! oh my god.. YUMMY! butterfish burger! highly recommended.. its so fresh.. im gonna die!
aglio olio. if u wanna keep fit but still eat nice food,tis is da one.. spaghetti wif olive oil and spices.. yummy!
btw.. now i have another distraction in my life.. finally i got my iphone hehe.. but not new one =( i always use third-handed phone.. first will be my bro using it then pass it his gf then pass it to me.. but then luckily they took gud care of it.. so i treat it like new one!

its da day before my monthly test.. and so i asked my mum if i can stay home and get myself ready.. i bet u know she let.. i mean who in the world wouldnt let their child stay at home and study for their exam? right =) so there ntg much to post actually.. juz for fun! but let me tell u one lil bad habit of mine.. when it comes to monthly test or exam.. u juz cant imagine how messy my study table will be.. its horrible.. i mean for a girl.. u know everyone has the thoughts i suppose? tat a girl shuldnt be messy shuld be gentle bla bla bla.. and in the end, i will get scolded by my mum.. saying stuff like are u a girl? lols.. but of course i will clean it up lar.. only after few days of exam..

well first day of test.. was quite nervous actually.. i had no idea why. i woke up early but not like las time anymore.. when theres exam, its for sure tat im gonna wake up at 5 or 5.30 but not this time.. mayb cos its juz a monthly test? maybe... i started my day wif coffee.. yep! coffee again.. coffee is a must for me.. juz to keep me stay awake! my first paper, bm i think it went pretty well, but u know wat? i actually prepared bullets.. get ready to shoot when i dunno the answer. but bm i cant shoot lar cos all oso subjective... i juz wrote down watever i had in my mind.. i mean its better to fill in the blank then leave it blank right? =D then following paper is biology.. hmm i think so it went kinda smooth.. but i dunno everytime i think it went smoothly, in the end, the marks i get isnt wat i expected! and last eng.. let me tell u.. its like kindergarten test paper..!

as usual, coffee first! first paper,maths! oh well its actually quite easy.. i think i can score well! then moral.. ohh god.. i juz went blank when i got the paper.. all the defination.. all gone.. it kinda scare the hell out of me! then slowly i relax myself.. trying to get the defination back. luckily i get to remember sum of it.. others.. u know.. shoot shoot shoot! last paper,chemistry.. oh god i screwed tat paper.. they focused on theory and gave a lot of example and comparison... and its very hard.. i have to keep on think and think and think.. ohh i didnt mention it juz now.. i had flu on the second day of test.. nice right? i know.. its horrible! keep on sneezing and sneezing all the way.. till i dun have the strength to think bout chemistry anymore.. i juz feel like sleeping only.. and so in the end, again shoot!

hurray! last day of monthly test.. cant wait for it to be over! but it is also the toughest day! i got add maths, history, physics and stupid sivik.. add maths ohh god.. i thought i was ready for it.. i did.. but then the same stupid thing happened to me.. my mind go blanked! i cant recall all the formula.. shit! i know it sucks! and i bet im gonna fail it.. AGAIN! history not tat bad lar.. juz da structure question a lil bit hard only.. and half way i decided to go to the restroom.. try my luck to see whether i get to bump into any frens or not. haha guess wat? i did.. i saw trina, steph and pak yin! trina and pak yin helped me.. but i helped steph.. lols? physics, nah i dun wanna talk bout it! screw myself for it! sivik.. peanuts lar.. lols cheh wah!

hmm today i skipped school.. i woke up and guess wat? yuki chin is sick.. i got flu,sorethroat,fever and a lil headache! great isnt it? but all ppl thought i skipped school cos of lazy-ness. wth! a lot of ppl i know oso fall sick.. i dunno why? mayb cos of the weather? i think so? the weather nowadays suddenly very hot suddenly very cold.. i dunno why.. but i love rains! i juz love it.. lalala~~ heh but i didnt skip my tuition class.. at 3 and at 7. hehe im not lazy ok? juz sometimes.. sometimes.. and now elisa is chilling at my house watching autumn's concerto aka 下一站,幸福.. so outdated right? now only watch autumn's concerto.. haha.. seriously if u havent watch tis drama series, u gotta watch it.. u wont regert watching it! for 100%. its so nice and heart-touching.. woots.. tis drama drives me crazy..
and here juz wanna show the pic..

the album of us!
the tuition look.. spot her mouthh... dudududu
spot my crocs! love it wif man utd spongebob shin chan ultraman eng flag!!ciao peeps!


Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hey guys.. Oh well sorry for not updating these few days. I was really busy preparing myself for the monthly test.. Yea u know we tend to do things at the eleventh hour.. I guess I'm not the only one=D plus I'm also quite lazy to turn on my comp. So anyway, my test is on Monday and I'm freaking nervous right now as I didn't really do much revision and I really dun wish to fail my addmaths again.

I gotta go now=( but I promise to update right after the test.. So the usual one STAY TUNED!!

Yuki xoxo

Saturday, August 7, 2010


i suppose to be happy all day long after da hari kantin.. but wat u said really runined my mood.. totally.. i forget since when im in this kind of situation anymore. not till moody for da whole day... i was pretty down.. wat u said really affects me a lot.. its so unexpected tat it is actually coming out from ur mouth.. probably because i misjudged you?

so sick and tired of drama now.. cant believe tilll now im still thinking wat u've said.. i hope time will make everything better.. i cant go on like tis.. neither u..

a blast!

today is hari koko/hari kantin.. i seriously had lots of fun.. shout out loud to all leos.. i had fun wif u guys.. and i juz went wild out of sudden.. shouting yelling screaming wateva u name it.. its a blast baby.. i have so much in my mind till i dunno where and how to start.. i will juz say wateva comes to my mind lar =D
i woke up pretty early today... surprisingly huh? as u know... im from leo club.. and u know wat is leo selling ? soya bean and ice cream.. ice cream sold out pretty fast.. faster than i expected.. i had fun scooping ice cream.. scooping all the way.. seriously dam busy... had no time to rest.. =) but im glad we earned 1K.. another project hit 1K. woots.. we rock it baby! wow.. i was sweating all the way today! luckily i have the koko t-shirt.. if not.. yer busuk busuk!
& here i would like to say sorry to my elisa babe.. i didnt make it to watch her perform.. but babe, im sure u did a great job! *muacks* . im surprised by how many talented student we have in our skul.. we got girl's generation wannabe, mj wannabe, jabbawockeez wannabe and so on. plus the best part is i get to meet my frens again.. adrian eric daniel khor fariq matthew.. freaking happy weih! attention pls! daniel is back on pbp idol stage again! pretty sure many ppl adores him!
like tis.. aww daniel sang so well!

mou ngan tai!

but leh today got ppl angry oso lar.. wilson scared me when he scolded kwaie they all and quarrel wif jiafei.. i was like whoa whoa.. cool down.. ok lar.. it supposed to be a crazy update.. dun talk bout bad stuff.. another thing we did was singing.. as the song play, me elisa peakky and others all went wild.. shaking shouting singing.. waka waka ehh ehh.. baby baby baby ohh.. bla bla bla.. as if we are at disco..cheh wah! i know u probably think we are crazy as well.. ohh wat to do? we couldnt help it.. too high d.. plus, we all get inked.. tadaaa! by leo elizabeth! now im exhausted.. gotta get some rest.. peace out baby!

muack to all my leos!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Y's random-ness

ohh mama.. im feeling good today.. =) seriously freaking gud.. nothing's gonna make me down.. lalalala.. ok today's title is random..

i always love random ppl. but i never knew tat im random too.. my frens said im always random.. full of surprises in me with them. hmm it keeps me wondering.. am i really random? or juz too crazy to be true? well i dunno. but i do enjoy ppl saying imma random cos i love random ppl!! stratch tat.. i love random! random-ness is fun!!
today right after skul me elisa and manda went to bake with yen for leo tis sat hari kantin!.. i have always love baking.. i love foods. especially desserts, they are hard to resist.. ok back to the story.. once i enter the shop.. its like as if i entered heaven.. woots!! its so fun. i got so excited but manda and elisa thought imma freak? dun ever let me enter those baking shop! or mayb candy shop.. i will go nuts and end up spending too much.. but unfortunately.. not enough cash.. if not i will juz take wateva they have.. the tools the decoration stuff.. bla bla bla.. and plus their stuff is way cheaper..
after bake with yen, we went to giant.. i bought coffee.. coffee coffee coffee.. they are hard to resist.. temptationn.. now i feel like going to ioi and grab a hot caramel macchiato? but now im drinking nescafe gold! yeepie! but i only drink coffee like once awhile.. cos coffee isnt really gud for u.. but when it comes to test/exam.. i need to drink coffee juz to stay focus and awake.. not feeling sleepy! or else i will juz close the book and lie down on the bed... i love my bed.. so comfy.. and not to mention.. i love cereals.! i bought POST banana crunch cereals.. yummy! recommended by eunice.. blueberry wasnt bad too.. but a lil too sweet for me.. i love blueberry!
and now imma off.. needa study d.. =D

ciao peeps
p.s stay tuned.. imma update again later cos YUKI CHIN is cooking spaghetti!

here comes ur long- waited spaghetti post.. cheh wah**
juz finishing enjoying it wif sun,lesley and kemmy!
well i have to say i sucked! the gravy wasnt really nice...not to say not nice. juz not the usual one.. mayb too long didnt cook d. the taste is a lil weird. i lost the power! oh man.. but i regained it after tat.. hehe..

at first i was juz cooking for kemmy lesley myself and my maid.. who knows my bro and sun suddenly turned up.. so for sure its not gonna be enough.. but then still they eat lar.. but not really full lor. after they left, i have to cook again.. cos my maid didnt get to eat it. the first gravy wasnt tat nice.. lost the spaghetti queen power! but then on the second gravy, i regained my power.. haha kemmy and lesley, i owe u!

and i have to admit tat im a lil dirty when it comes to cooking.. no dun say dirty.. is clumsy.. everytime i cook, there's for sure sum sauce on my shirt or hand one.. i got used to it. and pay attention when u are cooking.. i actually burnt the garlic and onion while playing wif my dog.. all of it turned black.. blackie black ..haha..

oh well didnt get to take pic as im busy cooking =) but i will tell u the ingredients.
gravy - i prefer dolmio sauce instead of prego..more rich,onions* a lil juz for taste*,garlic,oregano leave,basil leave,carrot,shrimp,chicken,tomato,salt,sugar,pepper,ketchup,chili sauce,oil,mushroom
serve - spaghetti,gravy,cheese then bake it till cheese melt. and sprinkle sum oregano and basil leaves again if u like it.

oh well tats it..

ciao peeps!
muack, xoxo

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


suddenly im feeling emotional.. i dunno why.. juz recently i feel like things juz not right for me.. or i am juz thinking too much? i have so much on my plate.. my studies my life my friends juz everything.. and now i juz feel like pouring all of it out..

i juz cant stay focus on my studies.. test is around the corner and hell i juz did sum revision for maths and tats it.. tats all. i gotta say it really sucks! i juz cant find the mood to open a book and save everything i read.. my life.. is really up and down right now.. u might think tat im greedy? but hell who is not greedy? i've been working wif my mum since i was standard 6 if im not mistaken.. im exposed to the real world.. the world u dun expect it to me.. u met so many ppl.. ppl wif so many diff kind of personalities. the quote "dun judge a book by its cover"

lately my mum really needed manpower.. and i will have to work.. im used to work at the weekends. its part of my life routine now.. but since tat problem worsen, i need to work on friday night as well. its really tiring.. sometimes i feel like quitting skul and juz focus on working.. but i know i will regert it when im old. its juz temporary feeling.. but its temporary enough to screw u.. my friends, sometimes i feel like as if im drifted away.. as if im arent on the same page anymore.. and i have to try my best, to work hard to ctach up with them.. im feeling so sick of the fact tat im the only one making effort.. none of them ever cares bout it.. im the only one sitting at the corner thinking.. caring for all the things..

i dunno how we come to tis.. after few years of frenship we had.. the bond is juz not there anymore.. believe me.. im trying to find it.. sometimes i even think tat i can make it.. but in the end when i juz look at ur face.. all the stuff u did.. its hard for me not to turn my back to u.. i cant blame me for tat.. i admit im straight-forward.. straight enough to hurt ur feeling.. but i rather do it then telling u stupid comments tat werent true. u either accept it or leave it.. tats it.

my school life.. ever after few mistakes we've done,we still deserve another chance right? i hate the fact tat all the teachers tat enter our class is like trying their best to ctach the mistakes we have made.. its so sickening u know.. it feels like u arent comfortable being in the class anymore.. wat my sejarah teacher said really pissed me off.. i was so pissed until i take it seriously.. have the hard feeling.. tis is wat happen..

our teacher changed our respective seats. so oh well juz to "respect" the teacher, we had to change.. and my fren actually came and sit beside me.. her seat is far away from mine* so im good with it.. then sejarah, we cant stop talking bout "potong" and everything.. suddenly the teacher juz asked me where is my place.. i didnt answer.. then my the other fren who was sitting in front of me helped me to answer.. the she juz say oh back up ya..

man tats so unacceptable...

seriously, im in no good mood right now..

Monday, August 2, 2010


frustration.. i got loads of homework waiting for me to be done!.. i needa stay focus and finish all of it on time..

god! i hate tis! i feel like screaming my lkungs out everytime i look at it.. i still got essay.. aww man.. tis so awful! =(

plus, im having flu right now.. my nose are like freaking red.. thanks to the stupid mucus that cant stop bothering me.. how i wish i can juz cut off my nose.. dam the sensitive nose dam the flu