Monday, October 6, 2008


hey guys..
long time didnt post d.
so u guys miss me ma??? or juz miss da story??
im gonna post now.
from 28/9/08 till today 6/10/08
went for dinner tat day.
well. not really fun.
cos my bro,bro gf,mi-chelle,kenneth and me went there juz to represent my mum.
and we sat wif those strangers...
first first i really wanna go back..
cos its juz too bored.
we know no one..
thn wait wait...
finally dishes are here.
thn those strangers sit wif us de dam kiamsiap man..
like scare we will eat all da dishes...
da first dish placed on da table not for 10 mins oso...
they like scare they can eat worr..
they took a small plate and put those food on it... and like passing..
like u wan u wan??
i was looking at them and i was like wat da...
so kiamsiap for wat o??
thn oso suan lar..
continue eat lor..
got few ppl sing while we are eating..
one uncle sing ar..
my ear drum gonna spoil lor..
bukannya sedap pun..
if i not mistaken,he sang 3 song..
my god..
da first song he sang was juz so horrible terrible vegetable ar..
tats all for 28 sept.
kinda boring..
reahced home jor..
me kenneth and mi-chelle in my room playing..
kinda hav fun..
nite ate supper.
mum ta pau rainbow maki*myfaved*, yaki gyoza*myfaved*,if not mistaken is shake sushi or maki and prawn noodle for kenneth.

sleep till 3 pm
when i woke up..
thn i guess they are hungry
so i decided to cook spagz again.
well.. kinda nice.
juz too much cili suace.
and thn finishe at jor..
i call kemmy
ask her bout da bbq party thingy..
thn 8pm
kemmy's mum come and fetch me and mi-chelle go to Giant buy groceries.
we bought hot dog,bread and others.
total is RM 70 bucks
tats all~~

its bbq party day~~
yuhhoooo... so fun
woke up at 12pm
thn kemmy come to my house at 12 oso..
make jelly and garlic bread.
thn done jor sat at da living room there watch movie.
dunno wat movie is tat..
thn suddenly change channel to parental control.
kinda nice~~
2pm i guess.
naik atas and ask kenneth and mi-chelle wake up..
take bath and all tat..
bla bla bla...
3 sumthg reahced siau yean house.
take lama saja jay call me.
so me mi-chelle and kenneth and kemmy go and pick him,kah hin and yau men.
but thn sampai sri cempaka punya in front d kemmy continue her journey cos she wanna pick up baoling
thn saw 3 monkeys come out d
bring them lor.
sampai yean aprtment d
3 of thm wait at da swimming pool there.
when i done everything jor.
i go and find 3 of thm
thn wait for gan kemmy and baoling datang
datang d...
all jump into da water.
play till half jasper come jor.
left kah ming only.
poor him.
lols. thn he oso reached d.
mana tau he told us tat he didnt bring clothes and dun wan swim wor..
and he oso dunno how to swim
even im better thn him
lols. PROUD~~~
play till satisfied d.
all take bath..
thn ready bbq
we took 1 hour i guess to hidupkan da api.
haha. lot more lar.
da funny thing is jabyss took 3 baloon and blow it.
2 is for da boob and 1 is for da stomach.
see da picha l8r.
eat till half dunno why all of us take picha pulak.
haha. thn play games.
kinda nice game.
so tis party ended at 11pm
tats all.

was da last day my couz stay at my house. and its also my turn to stay at there house.
well. my mum fetch 3 of us go to mv first cos wait for mich dad come and fetch us go back.
so we spend our time eat and watch movie.
bought 3 ticket for da movie FLIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD
when wanna go in tat time kenneth cant go in cos underage.
last time can de but tis time like very strict d.
totally dun let
so poor him needa stay at restaurant there alone.
thn while i and mich watching
i keep on say wanna chnage place.
cos da place tat we are sitting is cold and i kinda scare.
but she refused.
so i terpaksa sit there lor.
thn got one part da zombie came out of sudden
me and mich shouted.
so paiseh leh
everyone laughing
but mich told me tat some ppl is shouting oso.
haiz. juz so pspspspspspsps.
well after finish watching movie uncle come and fetch us d.
ntg much to do oso lar at mich house
juz eat play sleep and do revision
haha. da most fun thing we did is sleep at 5 or 6 am
be4 sleep sure play choh tai di
thn play till 5 or 6
oioi zhu lor.
can say we are insane.

went to pasar malam.
saw putt chai gou.
i like a small kid when i saw it
i keep on say yorr i wan i wan to mich.
thn finally i get it..
haha. 80 cent only for for one.
so cheap.
back home d.
be4 eating da putt chai gou
i take picha first cos tis is my first time eat it.
mich say im torturing da putt chai gou.
kinda nice leh..
regretted buy one only.

mi-chelle bd
celebrate at 4/10/08 mid nite mean 12 am mean 5/10 d
celebrate wif her at cowboy steakhouse at ampang..
if u know kaki corner thn u might know where is cowboy steakhouse cos juz near by.
i ate lamb chop wif mushroom sauce
mich ae lamb chop wif black pepper sauce
kenneth ate fish and chip
my dearest aunt ate muchroom chicken
my uncle ate lemon fish
me and mich oso think tat da lamb chop juz eat without da sauce is better thn wif sauce.
without sauce is nicer.
finish eat jor aunt order a banana boat ice cream ar..
too bad i forgotten to take picha.

nite time go back home lor. 2moro needa go skul.
dunno why i used to hate holiday cos quite boring
but tis time.
im so in love wif it.
mayb da whole week got my frens and couz accompany me gua.
so i feel so sad cos wanna start skul liao... =(
today at science lab tat time me and yean like siao jor..
like drunk d..
kept on sing song and do stupid stuff.
today get scolded from pn.jespall.. =(
and sorry ya jabyss gan jasper yau men kemmy charmaine daniel dashnier .
i terpaksa write u guys name =((
tats all for today.
here is da picha :-

after dinner. at home.
my faved rainbow maki~~
yaki gyoza
yaki gyoza
shake maki or sushi??

like tis picha.
finally got fire.
start bbq food
our foods.
can u see me? im bz eating =="
funny weird picha.
kah hin and yau men
kemmy cucuk-ing da chic wing
its me~~
jabyss kemmy and me
da pregant D-cup guy
da D-cup guy
pinching da boob??
me and mich~~
like very hard wanna walk
can u see us??
da guy wif spec
hehe. taken by me~~
another picha taken by me~~
all oso hav their own siao pose
everyone look at me

1/10/08 me and mich~~
sharing lemon juice~~
mich and kenneth
mich and her tongue!!
hehe. guai leh me~~
like tis picha a lot. so cute kenneth pose

3/10/08 me and putt chai gou

4/10/08 *nearly mid nite* at times square. going to cowboy steakhouse
in front : my lemon honey jasmine tea behind : kenneth lemon honey tea
kenneth punya fish and chip. delicious leh~~
my lamb chop wif mushroom sauce.
mich lamb chop wif black pepper sauce

tats all.
hope u enjoy~~
i know it super duper long.
lols x]

missing the holidays yuki,

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